“How can I support the development of my child?”
“How should I tell my child, that we are getting divorced?”
“How to set loving limits?”
“How can I support my child to get more independent?”
“Why doesn’t my ex partner stick to our deals?”
“Why does my child react aggressively towards me?”
“How can I deepen the connection with my child?”


Family adventure

My goal is to find new pathways for my family and me.
Mental health affects all of us
Psychological counselling online

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Time of change

Would you like to talk to someone about family and partnership?

Psychological counselling can support you towards understanding the system family and strengthening relationships.

Me – You – We: Growing hand in hand

Everyday life as mother and father can push us to our limits, at least some times.

Reaching a new stage in the development usually means a reorientation of the whole family system. Some stages are predictable (school entry for instance) whilst others can be unexpected challenges, such as breakup or divorce.

We look forward to accompanying you on your family adventure

How can online counselling help you here?

Psychological counselling with an experienced psychologist can be a supportive way to get a different perspective on our situation and assistance in challenging phases of family life. Especially online counselling meets your needs as a parent: You are completely flexible in terms of time and place, remain anonymous and receive quick support.

During counselling, the following psychological counselling elements may be applied:

  • Reflexion of the parenting style
  • Reflexion of family interactions
  • Sharing pedagogical and developmental psychological knowledge
  • Support in challenging situations (e.g. school issues)
  • Promoting communication skills within the family (revealing communication patterns, learning communication models and strategies)
  • Relaxation methods (e.g. to promote sleep behaviour)
  • Assistance during phases of family upheaval: divorce/breakup, partnership, developmental difficulties
  • Strengthening partnership an the team of parents
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Individual counselling

Family adventure

Recommended period of counselling:
4 weeks, option to cancel anytime

We offer individual counselling units, which can be terminated on a weekly basis. For counselling on family topics we recommend a minimum period of 4 weeks. It’s important to note that this is a recommendation and actual periods of counselling differ on an individual basis.

Do you have any questions relating to the process or conditions surrounding online psychological counselling? Our Welcome Assistant is available around the clock to answer your questions about Instahelp and help you choose your psychologist.

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