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Your employer cares about your well-being and mental health. From now on, we will support you with our Mental Health & Engagement Program. All services are available to you free of charge.

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Mental Health am Arbeitsplatz

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We all go through stormy times in life and things don't always go well for us. Professionally, but also privately, we face challenges again and again. Together we want to prepare for these challenges and accompany you individually.

All offers are free of charge for you
Mental Wellbeing Academy

Mental Wellbeing Check

Find out how you really feel and determine your current energy and stress level with our check-up.

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Ausbildung zum Mental Health Supporter

Mental Health Journey

After your registration, your journey starts: Video series with tips and concrete tools to strengthen your mental health is available for you.

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Arbeitspsychologische Beratung für Unternehmen

Psychological Counselling Online

Our psychologists accompany you individually and personally.
1:1 counselling via text, audio or video chat

You have free counselling sessions per year at your disposal.
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Mental Wellbeing Check

Your personal energy and stress level

Start your journey at Instahelp with the Mental Wellbeing Check and get your personal energy and stress profile with the help of a scientifically based check.

The result
You receive your individual result immediately after completing the check. In addition to the current energy and stress level, work-related stress and resources, as well as personal resources, become visible. You will receive specific recommendations for action and exercises to improve your individual situation and can share the results with your psychologist.

Mental Wellbeing Check

Mental Health Journey

Mental Health Journey

Your toolkit for challenging times

Now that you know what your stresses and resources are, it's time to learn the right tools to stay mentally strong. On our Mental Health Journey, you will learn four important skills through videos that will equip you for future challenges. Your Mental Health Journey will start automatically after you register with Instahelp and you will receive the videos by email.

Psychological Counselling Online

By top-trained & experienced psychologists

While some issues are easy to discuss with friends or family, others are better discussed with an independent expert.

How it works:
Your journey always starts with the Mental Wellbeing Check. After your registration at Instahelp, the access to the Mental Health Journey and the counselling will be activated automatically in your account.
You have free counselling sessions per year at your disposal.

Psychologische Beratung Online

Ohne Wartezeit

No waiting time

Fast online counselling conveniently via video, audio or text chat

Vertraulich und flexibel

Personal 1-to-1 online sessions

Tailored to your topic, secure and 100% anonymous



With psychologists who meet high quality standards

Mental Health Gym

Mental Health Gym

Your daily companion

In your Mental Health Gym you can do exercises on your own at any time to strengthen your mental health in the long term. To start with, you will find exercises that are recommended to you based on your Mental Wellbeing Check and your psychologist can also assign you specific exercises as part of your counselling.

Our most popular counselling topics

Psychological counselling online is individual and tailored to you: in the conversation you get to the bottom of your very personal issue. Take a look at the topics that come up most often:

Stress & Beruf

Stress & Work

When the work-life balance looks easier for others, when difficult colleagues challenge you or when everything is just too much – we are there for you!

Probleme in der Beziehung


Interpersonal relationships determine our lives. Whether in a partnership, between friends or within family – we help you through difficult times.



We are here for you! When a depressive mood clouds your view of what is important, we help you to regain your focus. At your own pace!

I do Instahelp, because …

Life is often a winding road. But you are not alone.

Talking to experienced psychologists will help you move forward - see what this path can look like with psychological counselling online:

Toto Wolff
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Toto Wolff, Formel 1

CEO & Mercedes Team leader

What are you waiting for?
Start you journey to mental strength with the Mental Wellbeing Check

Your Data is safe with Instahelp

Anonymous, encrypted & 100% GDPR compliant

Stress & Beruf

Mental Wellbeing Check

You can decide whether you want to share your personal result with your psychologist in order to work on your resources and stresses. Your company has no access to your individual result and cannot draw any conclusions about you as a person.

Probleme in der Beziehung


To register with Instahelp, you need a valid email address. This does not have to be your company address and does not have to include your real name. Neither your psychologist nor your company will see your email address.



Neither Instahelp nor your company have access to the encrypted content of your counselling sessions. Our end-to-end encrypted system guarantees that only you and your psychologist have information about the course of the conversation. Furthermore, our psychologists are subject to the legally regulated confidentiality obligation.


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