Healthy at work

Healthy at work

Five simple rules for improving communication in the team

Erfolgreicher Teamarbeit liegt meist eine Sache zugrunde: erfolgreiche Kommunikation im Team! Gut kommunizierende Teams entstehen meist nicht von allein und sie brauchen etwas “Pflege”. Aber die gute Nachricht ist: mit den richtigen Kommunikationsregeln kann jeder die Kommunikation im Team verbessern.
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Healthy at work

Five tips against boredom in the office

There’s nowhere as boring as the office? Then something’s amiss and you need to counter it. Using these simple tips for avoiding boredom in the office will yield an improvement or at least bring variety to the working day, protecting you against the dreaded boreout.
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effizientes Arbeiten
Healthy at work

More structure in your working life: tips for working efficiently

Too much work, too little time – a problem that’s certainly familiar to many. One solution for escaping long-term stress is working more efficiently. Using these simple tips, you can achieve that.
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Psychisch fit im Job
Healthy at work

Enduringly mentally fit in your job. But how?

Many people experience today’s world of work not so much as meaningful but rather as burdensome and overtaxing. Flexibility, rapid workflow, production in line with customer requirements and high service quality are demanded. But any piece of work flows more easily if it’s a pleasure to do. On the other hand, anxiety, frustration or frequent
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