Online psychological counselling

Online psychological counselling

Counselling & CBT via chat: certainly convenient, but does it work?

The web has entered dynamically all aspects of our lives: For tracing our next job or home, for our ‘obedient fellow traveller/guide’ (GPS!), for discovering our next exotic destination, or for digging out our chances for love. However easy or hard it may be to find any of this, the wealth of information we can
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Online psychological counselling

The 7 pillars of resilience – including implementation tips

When people enjoy healthy psychological development and indeed become stronger despite serious burdens or adverse circumstances in their lives, this is termed resilience. Through the 7 pillars of resilience you can also see precisely how.
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Online-Beratung Textchat
Online psychological counselling

Writing your way to new perspectives – online counselling via text chat

Online counselling is a heterogeneous concept. It can be conducted through a wide variety of channels, either synchronously or asynchronously. This also gives rise to different ways of counselling: from moderated forum and on through one-to-one or group chats, (video) telephony to asynchronous writing, that is classic email counselling.
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Tipps bei Panikattacken
Online psychological counselling

What does a lemon have to do with fear? How to deal with panic attacks

“Suddenly I feel dizzy and sick. My knees give in and I fear I might fall over and lose consciousness. I might have a brain tumour. My heart is racing, my chest feels tight and I fear I’m having a heart attack.” This is how a client described her experience, which points to panic attacks.
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