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Relationship - Susanne Prosser

Why people fall out of love and how it’s possible to get love back

A frequent reason given for splitting up is “I don’t love you any more”. What actually lies behind that? And: can you get it back? We discussed this with Mag. Erwin Jäggle, a psychotherapist who also deals with couples.
Psychologische Beratung
Mental Health

Mental Health: 5 reasons why the psyche deserves our attention

Imagine you have a bad cold and fever. What do you typically do? Normally you would go to the doctor and ask to be granted sick leave. If anyone asks how you are, you’ll say “Not very well, I have a cold.” Normal, right? But what would you do if you were suffering from depression?
Mental Health

Counselling & CBT via chat: certainly convenient, but does it work?

The web has entered dynamically all aspects of our lives: For tracing our next job or home, for our ‘obedient fellow traveller/guide’ (GPS!), for discovering our next exotic destination, or for digging out our chances for love. However easy or hard it may be to find any of this, the wealth of information we can

Arten ich liebe dich zu sagen; Alternativen zu Ich liebe dich

Eight wonderful ways of saying “I love you”

Those three words “I love you” aren’t always the most enchanting ways of declaring your love. If you say these factual things to your partner, they will feel addressed in an altogether personal way. This way you can strengthen your relationship every day.
Job and carreer

The 7 pillars of resilience – including implementation tips

When people enjoy healthy psychological development and indeed become stronger despite serious burdens or adverse circumstances in their lives, this is termed resilience. Through the 7 pillars of resilience you can also see precisely how.

Job and carreer

Five tips against boredom in the office

There’s nowhere as boring as the office? Then something’s amiss and you need to counter it. Using these simple tips for avoiding boredom in the office will yield an improvement or at least bring variety to the working day, protecting you against the dreaded boreout.

Dealing with depression: tips for relatives/friends

For people suffering from depression, the social environment plays an important role. Be they family, friends or colleagues at work, social contacts are immensely important. Always. But above all if someone is caught in depression.


The dark side of the Force: the story of my depression

I call it “the dark side of the Force” because depression is terribly dark and has tremendous power. Like a black hole. This is the story of a case of depression, my depression, the like of which confronts many others day by day. Every year, there are more.
Dinge die wir nicht müssen

10 things we don’t have to do at all

Often we think we need to do certain things without questioning at all whether this really is the case. Here are 10 things that we can safely do without.

Online-Beratung Textchat
Mental Health

Writing your way to new perspectives – online counselling via text chat

Online counselling is a heterogeneous concept. It can be conducted through a wide variety of channels, either synchronously or asynchronously. This also gives rise to different ways of counselling: from moderated forum and on through one-to-one or group chats, (video) telephony to asynchronous writing, that is classic email counselling.

How can you recognise depression and what can you do about it?

According to the German Federal Ministry of Health, about 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. But the real figure could be many times higher. That’s shocking. So it’s all the more important to make society and each individual more aware of this illness. Those who observe themselves attentively can react much more quickly and

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