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Depression - Sabine Otremba

The top five regrets of the dying

Living a happy and fulfilled life so that there’s as little as possible to regret at the end? Not so simple, apparently. How else could a book entitled “The Top Five Regrets of The Dying” get on the best-seller lists? Indeed, why did I buy this book, given that I had always skirted round the
Umgang mit dem Tod
Death and grieving

Dealing with death

In our western society, death is often a taboo subject and, above all, seen as something exclusively negative. Most people are only confronted by the topic when someone they love dies or they themselves approach death as a result of a serious illness or accident.
Tipps bei Panikattacken
Anxiety and phobias

What does a lemon have to do with fear? How to deal with panic attacks

“Suddenly I feel dizzy and sick. My knees give in and I fear I might fall over and lose consciousness. I might have a brain tumour. My heart is racing, my chest feels tight and I fear I’m having a heart attack.” This is how a client described her experience, which points to panic attacks.

effizientes Arbeiten
Job and carreer

More structure in your working life: tips for working efficiently

Too much work, too little time – a problem that’s certainly familiar to many. One solution for escaping long-term stress is working more efficiently. Using these simple tips, you can achieve that.
Tipps für starke Frauen

8 ways in which strong women quite often stand in their own way

Quite often, strong women make life difficult for themselves. Why not change your modus operandi and discover how easy many things can suddenly can? Here we sing the praises of multifaceted femininity, where women are allowed to be strong and weak.

Psychisch fit im Job
Job and carreer

Enduringly mentally fit in your job. But how?

Many people experience today’s world of work not so much as meaningful but rather as burdensome and overtaxing. Flexibility, rapid workflow, production in line with customer requirements and high service quality are demanded. But any piece of work flows more easily if it’s a pleasure to do. On the other hand, anxiety, frustration or frequent
Beziehung auffrischen: So lodert das Liebesfeuer wieder auf!

How to refresh your relationship and fall in love all over again

There comes a point when everyday life weighs on every relationship. If we get active at exactly this point and refresh our relationship, we’ll be rewarded for it: with the joys of spring just like the first day!

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