“Why can’t I find a partner?”
“Why doesn’t my partner have the same sexual preferences?”
“Why am I always afraid my partner will be unfaithful?”
“Why am I just not getting over my breakup?”
“Why do I always argue with my partner?”
“Why can’t I forgive my partner his fling?”
“Why can’t I get pregnant?”
“Why don’t I have the same feelings I used to have?”


Love & relationship

My goal is to have a fulfilling relationship.
Mental health affects all of us
Psychological counselling online

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Support on the topic of love & relationship

Psychological counselling supports you in learning how to deal with
different phases in life and relationships.

“I need you because I love you”

Partnership and sexuality are essential for our own well-being. Possible problems in this area of life can be very diverse. However, it is often assumed that love is either there or not.

In fact, love is closely related to how two people interact with each other. Especially this aspect is addressed within online counselling in case of partnership conflicts. You will be supported in developing and using strategies for an appreciative way of interacting with each other.

We’d be delighted to accompany you on your journey to greater self-esteem

How can online counselling help you here?

Particularly with regard to intimate and personal issues concerning the relationship or family planning, psychological counselling online offers anonymous and flexible support in terms of time and place.

During counselling, the following psychological counselling elements may be applied:

  • Becoming aware of one’s own needs (emotional, sexual)
  • Identification of communication structures (within the partnership)
  • Promoting the communication of emotional, sexual needs
  • Clarifying ideas about relationship concepts
  • Conflict management
  • Accompaniment during important life events (e.g. birth of a child, sexual dysfunction, separation)
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Individual counselling

Strengthen relationships

Recommended period of counselling:
5 to 6 weeks, option to cancel anytime

We offer individual counselling units, which can be terminated on a weekly basis. For counselling to raise self-esteem we recommend a minimum period of 5 weeks. It’s important to note that this is a recommendation and actual periods of counselling differ on an individual basis.

Do you have any questions relating to the process or conditions surrounding online psychological counselling? Our Welcome Assistant is available around the clock to answer your questions about Instahelp and help you choose your psychologist.

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