Online psychologist at Instahelp

Online psychologist at Instahelp

Mag. Dr. Annette Wallisch-Tomasch

Online psychologist at Instahelp

Happy again at last!

Our online psychologists understand precisely what you are dealing with right now. They’re there for you and support you in solving your problem. Whether it’s about your relationship, your work, fears or depression.

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At Instahelp you chat confidentially with your online psychologist. Whenever and wherever, your conversation via the Instahelp app is 100% secure and anonymous.

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How does online counselling at Instahelp work?

Raise your quality of life step by step. During the first week you analyse your problem, define objectives for the counselling and also agree how counselling should continue. From the second week the focus is on solving the problem through individual support measures.


You describe your area of concern to us …

… your selected psychologist supports you through individual support measures.

In this way you find a solution together.

Questions about online counselling at Instahelp

1) Can I reach my online psychologist anytime?

Depending on your selected model, your online psychologist will contact you 1 to 5 times per week. But you don’t have to wait till they’re online – simply write whenever you wish.

2) How long does counselling take at Instahelp?

The precise duration depends on your problem. Our experience has shown that significant progress becomes apparent even after just a few weeks.

3) Can I also agree an appointment for my counselling?

Yes you can make an appointment for counselling. Depending on your payment model you can chat with your psychologist via text, video or audio for up to 60 minutes per week.

4) Are the costs covered by the sickness funds?

No, but don’t let that worry you - in most cases it won’t be at all necessary. For many users, Instahelp is more affordable than therapy with a contribution from a sickness fund.

Raise your zest for life through counselling with your online psychologist.

We help you with the selection of your online psychologist

During the initial talk we propose to you a certified psychologist who specialises in your topic area. This enables efficient counselling, precisely matched to your area of concern.

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Why online counselling at Instahelp pays off

Classical therapy at a psychologist’s practice can get very expensive and is often impossible to reconcile with your own personal daily routine. In addition, in a face-to-face discussion it can be uncomfortable to talk frankly and openly about your problem.

With Instahelp you can send messages to your psychologist anytime - directly from your computer or smartphone.

Don’t store up your thoughts and emotions for the next counselling appointment. Write to your psychologist whenever you’re ready.

At Instahelp you’re 100% anonymous. You can talk frankly and openly about your problem, without feeling ashamed opposite someone.

Classical therapy costs up to € 120 per hour. At Instahelp you can chat with your psychologist via text, video or audio link for as little as € 29 per week.

Online counselling in comparison with classical therapy

Online counselling at Instahelp is very flexible and less costly than classical therapy in a practice. Make an appointment with your psychologist or chat whenever you wish.

Online counselling at Instahelp

  • bis zu 20 to 60 min./week live chat
    (text, audio or video)
  • without appointment
  • anonymous
  • available immediately
  • daily from 7am–10pm
  • available anywhere
between £ 29 - £ 69/week

Classical therapy in a practice

  • 45-60 min./week
    (only in person)
  • only with appointment
  • not anonymous
  • up to 6 months delay
  • working days only
  • may involve long trip
~ £ 120/hour

With Instahelp your psychologist is always with you.

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Look after yourself and your health

You have more than likely resolved several times to look after yourself and your needs more. There are several alternatives to psychological counselling that you certainly use from time to time:

  • go to a bar for a few drinks
  • get advice from friends
  • turn the music up loud in the car
  • read information in online advice pages

But none of these activities has the same influence on your quality of life as a few weeks of psychological counselling.

Instahelp User

Very good help – focussed and to-the-point. Exactly what I needed at that moment. Fast, efficient and sensitive. Many thanks.

— Instahelp user, August 2016
Instahelp User

The speed was really impressive. Very friendly and understanding. Many thanks.

— Instahelp user, August 2016
Instahelp User

Through her positive words and advice, my psychologist made it easier for me to reach a decision I should have made a long time ago [...]. Thanks for that.

— Instahelp user, August 2016

Happy again at last?

Every year, Instahelp counsels several thousand people with regard to their problems. You too can get back to a happy life.


Your anonymity and security are important to us

At Instahelp we give a high priority to data protection.
Your messages are encrypted to the very latest security standards and can only be read by you and your psychologist.