Feeling stressed?
Troubles with your loved ones?
Improving your mental fitness?
Do you feel stressed?
Are you arguing with your loved ones?
Or do you just want to improve your
mental fitness?

We’ve got you covered.

Online counselling at Instahelp

professional, anytime and anywhere

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guaranteed data protection
certified psychologists
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Instahelp is your daily companion and offers professional counselling
for your day-to-day wellbeing.

We have a sympathetic ear for your concern. Together with your expert you will find solutions to improve your mental fitness. Sometimes it only takes a single conversation to make you feel better.
Our experts advise you on a variety of topics:

Family and relationship

  • relationship
  • parenting
  • patchwork
  • marriage
  • desire to have children

Mental strength

  • motivation
  • self-confidence
  • resilience
  • target setting
  • prioritising tasks

Work-life balance

  • burnout prevention
  • stress management
  • time management
  • deal with overload
  • self-reflection

Your company covers the counselling fees
You can use counselling at Instahelp completely
anonymously and free of charge.

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Do you need help choosing a counsellor?

Workplace Health Promotion

Mag. Elisabeth Poisinger

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Workplace Health Promotion

Mag. Christine Stöger-Knes, MSc.

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Workplace Health Promotion

Mag. Dr. Annette Wallisch-Tomasch

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Johannes Lanzinger, MSc.

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Mag. Laura Stoiber

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Instahelp guarantees the highest quality and safety standards

  • latest knowledge of psychology
  • hand-picked experts
  • data protection through end-to-end encryption
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More than 10,000 people trust Instahelp

„Very good help – focussed and to-the-point. Exactly what I needed at that moment. Fast, efficient and sensitive. Many thanks.“

Instahelp user

„Through her positive words and advice, my psychologist made it easier for me to reach a decision I should have made a long time ago […]. Thanks for that.“

Instahelp user

„The speed was really impressive. Very friendly and understanding. Many thanks.“

Instahelp user

Now it’s your turn to have a positive experience with Instahelp.

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How does Instahelp work?



Enter your access code and tell us about yourself – we will get in touch with you within 2 minutes.


Select your expert

Based on your individual concern we will find the best expert
for your counselling.

Individuelle Beratung

Individual counselling

Your expert will be available 40 minutes a week offering
personalised guidance.

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Together with your expert you will find solutions for your issue.

We fit in with your everyday life. Anytime and anywhere.

Text chat, audio or video call allow you to take your counselling with you wherever you go.




That’s why Instahelp is different.

We asked our users what they liked best about Instahelp.

I stay completely anonymous and I don’t have to provide personal data.
I get very fast and helpful responses.
I can use Instahelp conveniently from home.

We put special emphasis on anonymity, safety and data protection.

Does my employer know that I’m taking counselling?

No. Your employer doesn’t get any personal data from us. You stay completely anonymous.

What happens with my personal information?

You don’t give away any personal data, so we can’t pass on any personal data to your employer.

Whatinformation does my employer receive?

We inform your employer about the total number of staff consultations as well as the topic areas of these consultations. However, your employer does not know which employees are taking counselling.

Asking yourself why your company provides this service free of charge?
Very simple: If you’re doing great, your company is doing great.

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Frequently asked questions

I have forgotten the access code. What can I do?
You can find the access code on the Instahelp information material (for example folders, intranet postings, email) that has been distributed within your company. In case you can’t find the access code, just contact us via email and we will send you the code: support@instahelp.me
What happens with my personal data?
We don’t receive any personal data from you, so we can’t pass along any personal data to your employer. The email address that you provide on registration only serves for the login and to inform you when you received new messages from your expert. Your email address is visible neither to your employer nor to your psychologist.
What information does my employer receive?
We inform your employer about the total number of staff consultations as well as the topic areas of these consultations. However, your employer does not know which employees are taking counselling. Your employer receives this information from us because ultimately he is the one paying for the counselling of his employees.
What guarantee is there that nobody can read my messages?
Your messages are encrypted and located in our database. Only you and your psychologist have a virtual key to access your messages. Third parties can’t read any of the messages. Moreover, all our psychologists are subject to an obligation of confidentiality.
Who are the experts?
All our experts are experienced clinical or health psychologists and leading experts in their field. Since every psychologist focuses on certain specialist areas, we will select the right psychologist for you and your concern at the beginning of your counselling.
Can I change my expert?
At the beginning of your counselling we will find a psychologist who specialises in your area of concern. In the event that you’re not happy with your psychologist during the counselling, you have of course the possibility to switch to another psychologist. In order to do so, you will find the option in the settings under “Payments”. If you have any problems, just contact the Instahelp team and we will take care of it: support@instahelp.me
On which devices can I use Instahelp?
You can use Instahelp via apps on your smartphone, your tablet and your computer as well as on all common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). This way you can chat with your psychologist conveniently from home at any time.
How long does the counselling last?
The duration and therefore also the end of your counselling depends entirely on you and your concern. Most people feel significant progress after only a few weeks. Of course you can end the counselling anytime.
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