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The question “How are you?” is usually answered with “Good, thank you”. But in fact every 3rd person in Europe is mentally/emotionally not feeling well at all (WHO, 2017). We at Instahelp, the digital platform for mental health, launched our online psychological counselling service in Nov. 2015. Instahelp is a brand of Insta Communications GmbH and was founded with the vision of improving the quality of life of those seeking help by simplifying access to psychological counselling. Instahelp offers psychological online-support in real time, thereby offering a complement to the existing counselling system. Those seeking help have the possibility to contact professionally trained psychologists online and find solutions by means of chat-based communication. The focus is on preventive counselling and accompaniment to support individuals before problems might arise.

Our psychologists

Exploring new paths together. The mission of our Instahelp Pschologen is to accompany and support people online and to increase their well-being. The contemporary possibilities of online counselling offer the potential to reach a variety of people and simplify their access to professional counselling.

Instahelp psychologists are selected with great care. Each of them is a clinical or health psychologist, has at least 3 years of experience in face-to-face therapy, has completed additional training in online counselling and works scientifically according to the methods of cognitive behavioural therapy.

Our Office Team

We are curious, open, empathetic and develop simple, high-quality and effective solutions for clients. We want to create a space where all emotions can be expressed and are passionate about our vision to strengthen mental health in Europe. We are an interdisciplinary team, but it is precisely this vision and passion that unites us.
Team Instahelp

Instahelp advisory board

The Instahelp advisory board forms an essential part of our team and consists of experienced people from the realms of psychology and psychiatry. It guarantees for the quality of the service and drives Instahelp’s scientific development.
Ernst Berger

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Berger

Specialist in psychiatry and neurology, specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry / additional training in child neurology, psychotherapist, diploma in psycho-social and psycho-somatic medicine.

“Counselling in the ‘psychological field’ should present a minimal barrier to entry. As an online platform, Instahelp offers excellent prerequisites for the achievement of this goal. My personal motivation for supporting this project by being part of the board results from Instahelp’s internal commitment to the highest standards.”

Kurt Langbein

Kurt Langbein

Journalist and filmmaker

“Instahelp can contribute decisively to helping people find solutions to their psychological problems; individually, directly, on a securely well-founded technical basis, by means of individually tailored information and dialogue with trained psychologists. In this ways the advantages of the Web are seized instead of getting lost in Google’s jungle.”

Kenneth Thau

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Kenneth Thau

University professor of psychiatry at the Medical University of Vienna, specialist in psychiatry and psycho-therapeutic medicine, psychotherapist.

“Online psychological care provision must fulfil the highest quality standards if it is to be used in a sensible way. As a member of the board it is my wish to support Instahelp in achieving this objective.”


Instahelp has been nominated for the following prizes and awards:

Startup of the Year 2019
Startup of the Year 2019Instahelp was awarded the “Startup of the Year 2019” prize at the 4GameChangers Festival. This award was given to companies that “positively change the world”.

Born Global Champion 2019
Born Global Champion 2019The Außenwirtschaft Österreich (Austrian Foreign Trade Promotion), which is part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, honours young Austrian companies that are internationally successful with their innovative products and services.

HR Innovation Award 2018
HR Innovation Award 2018The disruptive change in companies redefines the role of HR managers and requires innovative offers for employees. Instahelp was the winner in the category “HR Transformation & Consulting”.

Staatspreis Digital Solutions 2017
Staatspreis Digital Solutions 2017For the first time, the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) has awarded the National Award Digital Solutions. Eight products out of 91 submissions where nominated for the national award.