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The science
behind Instahelp

Instahelp emphasises qualitative psychological counselling based on effective methods of cognitive behavioural therapy.

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Counselling at Instahelp is effective

The data is based on reports directly from Instahelp users who have been in counselling for at least 3 sessions.

report positive changes in their lives after 3 weeks of Instahelp counselling.


Our smart matching algorithm helps 94.1% feel comfortable, valued and understood.


perceive their psychologist to be competent support.

Our quality concept


Instahelp psychologists are highly educated and experienced

When selecting our psychologists, we not only focus on top training and practical competence – we also support our psychologists with ongoing training and supervision. This enables us to provide state of the art counselling.


With Instahelp, you talk to an expert who is just right for you

With our smart matching algorithm, you’ll find your ideal conversation partner in the blink of an eye. Science shows: If the chemistry is right, you will achieve success even faster and with greater sustainability.


We continue to develop with strong partners

Strong scientific partners such as the Fraunhofer Institute, the Sigmund Freud PrivateUniversity Vienna and our scientific advisory board support us doing scientific research in the field of e-Mental Health.

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This is how counselling at Instahelp
can develop its maximum potential


Vision and offer of Instahelp

With Instahelp we offer clinical-psychological counselling via text chat, audio call and video call. Thus, we extend the existing care system with a low-threshold and anonymous offer for professional help.


There is no problem that is too small

People seeking advice at Instahelp have a variety of concerns – issues around relationships, stress or self-esteem. We don’t just think that no problem is too small, we go one step further and work preventively to avoid the emergence of problems.


Why Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is so effective

Methods of cognitive behavioural therapy are widespread and effective for various problems, such as depressiveness or anxiety – also in the online setting. The mechanism in a nutshell: Unhelpful thought patterns are replaced by healthy thoughts. This sounds simple, but it requires openness and, above all, active cooperation on the part of the person seeking counselling. Your psychologist will support you in this process!


Responsible management of mental health

Our greatest concern is that every person seeking help receives the best support. Unfortunately, Instahelp cannot provide sufficient support in acute crisis situations where immediate help is needed. Please contact one of these emergency numbers in crisis situations. If your wellbeing becomes unstable during the course of your Instahelp counselling, your psychologist will discuss the best treatment options with you.

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What our customers
say about Instahelp

Instahelp customer

My psychologist helped me out of a pretty low point. She listens, asks questions and notices exactly where the problem lies. I am incredibly grateful that I have her by my side to support me.

Instahelp customer
Instahelp customer

My psychologist supports me through life’s small and big challenges. I would never have thought that I could make such progress. I am incredibly happy about the whole process, in which she has accompanied me again and again over the last 1.5 years.

Instahelp customer
Instahelp customer

I am very grateful for the helfpul tools and tips I learned through the counselling process. Knowing these I now will be able to help myself in future difficult situations. In summary: Uncomplicated, professional, helpful.

Instahelp customer

Our scientific/university partners

in the areas of quality management, concept development and research

Uni Graz

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Scientific cooperation with Instahelp

Our main research areas are identifying key factors for effective online counselling and the specifics of communication technologies in treatment settings. Would you like to work with Instahelp as a scientific partner? Please give us an insight into your project and we will get in touch with you.
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