Mental strength is the success factor in workplace health promotion.

Online psychological counselling by experienced psychologists.

For mentally healthy employees
Winner 2018 Zukunft Personal HR Innovation Award in the special category HR Transformation & Consulting Startup Top Brand Corporate Health 2021

Psychological counselling helps
to strengthen the mental health
of our employees.

Remi Vrignaud, CEO Allianz Austria
Rémi Vrignaud
CEO Allianz Austria

Add-On Services
Corporate mental health management at all levels

Work Consulting


Our occupational psychologists advise companies on issues at the organizational and management levels and work with you to develop solutions.

Possible focal points: Burnout prevention, CHM, conflicts within the team and much more.



We train first aiders for mental health in the workplace. Participants learn to recognize mental stress, to talk to those affected, to provide first aid, and to make referrals to the right services. The training consists of 4 x 4 modules and is conducted online.

Next round: Spring 2022



We support you with our expertise in planning and designing mental health events held at your organisation. With individual workshop formats, break-out sessions, team exercises or speed dating with psychologists, we strengthen the mental fitness of your employees and break the taboo around mental health.

85% Satisfied employees

85% of employees are satisfied with Instahelp

>290 active sites

Employees from > 290 locations use Instahelp worldwide

86% Proven effectiveness

86% of Instahelp users were proven to be helped in the counselling process

Everything simply depends on mental health! More and more companies are taking responsibility for mental stress in the workplace and thus paying directly into their overall performance.

Christiane Katschnig-Otter
Christiane Katschnig-Otter
Partnership Manager for Companies
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Mental Health:
Welcome to the future

Employees are facing ever-increasing stress levels and pressure to perform. To counteract this, modern, digital and innovative solutions are needed, and that’s exactly what we offer you. We focus on the everyday life of your employees and are a constant companion – professionally, anytime and anywhere.

Your advantages at a glance

Instahelp benefits employers and employees alike. Satisfied employees result in less friction and higher performance. If your employees are doing well, your company is doing well.

  • Healthy and motivated employees
  • Increase in the work and performance capacity of employees
  • Cost reduction through higher productivity and fewer sick days
  • Reduction of fluctuation
  • Positioning as an attractive employer (employer branding)
  • Relief of the entire organization

The best companies trust us

Instahelp Companies

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    “The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

    With us, you will manage to reach your employees.

    Why is communication to your employees so important?

    Create Awareness

    Break the stigma

    Motivate employees

    How we support you in internal communication:

    Internal communication to raise employee awareness about the importance of mental health consists of two main areas. The initial introduction and the regular health campaigns. In both areas, we rely on integrative multi-channel communication to employees. This is coordinated individually with the company and adapted to the company’s needs. Innovative communication measures draw employees’ attention to the offer.

    100 % DSVGO compliant plug-and-play solution.

    Instahelp can be rolled out to any number of sites across Europe in a matter of days.
    Management and control remain centralized.

    Instahelp centralized organisation

    Quality Management at Instahelp

    Instahelp was founded in 2015 with the vision of improving mental health through simplified access to professional psychological counselling. From the beginning, the quality of our services has been our top priority. A scientific advisory board with experts in the field of psychology was formed and cooperation with Sigmund Freud Private University (SFU) was established. In addition to strict selection criteria and professional experience, the counselling quality of our Instahelp psychologists is guaranteed by their own university course in “online counselling”, regular training and supervision.

    Quality Management at Instahelp
    Scientific advisory board

    Strategic quality assurance, psychological review of product development, coordination of strategic thrust

    External quality management (SFU)

    Development of the university course “Online Counseling”, supervision, power seminars for key topics, performance reviews based on defined KPI, interviews with new psychologists; collaboration and feedback in the development process.

    Internal quality management

    Quality management among psychologists, organization of the intervision group; cooperation and feedback in the development process.

    Psychological Relations

    Ensuring a smooth process from the application procedure to the start of the university course at SFU and the start of counselling at Instahelp; organizational support for psychologists

    Mental Health Analytics

    Our mental health analytics tool gives you the ability to evaluate general usage data and trend topics in the company.

    Instahelp Business Manager

    Only your employees know about their feelings.

    Therefore, we ask them about the success of the online counselling at Instahelp.



    Psychological counselling online
    by experienced psychologists

    In an individual counselling setting, we specifically address concerns and issues in the professional or private sphere. Through this individual, cause-related counselling approach, treatment and prevention succeed.
    We focus on the everyday life of your employees.

    deny their psychological problem
    in case of sick leave.
    of all counselling sessions take place
    in free time between 5 and 9 pm
    9 hours average time until the
    first counselling session starts

    After more than 85,000 counsellings we know, what matters:

    The modern employee seeks anonymity and flexibility.

    Instahelp is a scientifically based counselling concept

    Online counselling in real-time

    With Instahelp you offer your employees an innovative, scientifically based and anonymous counselling concept.

    Professionally trained team

    Instahelp is backed by an experienced team of psychologists in the fields of occupational, clinical and health psychology.

    Available anytime and anywhere

    Your employees can chat with our psychologists anytime and anywhere via smartphone, tablet or PC.

    Available anytime and anywhere

    We attach great importance to anonymity, security and data protection.


    Your employees can use Instahelp 100% anonymously. We do not collect any personal data.


    All messages are encrypted end-to-end and are therefore only readable by the employee and the psychologist. Furthermore, all our psychologists are subject to the legal obligation of confidentiality.

    Data security

    Data security is important to us. Therefore, we work with one of the most secure and modern data centres in Europe – confirmed by the ISO-27001 certification of the TÜV.

    We take care of your employees all over Europe!

    I think it’s wonderful that the counselling is free of charge, which makes it much easier for me to access. My psychologist is very empathetic and always goes out of her way to help me. I feel that I can see small personal progress after each session.

    Instahelp user/employee

    For me, the quick, low-threshold, and simple access was the decisive factor for using instahelp. The contact with the psychologist was easy and very prompt. I found the questionnaire, through which you are initially assigned to suitable therapists, simple and clear to understand. My psychologist was very appreciative and pleasant. An appointment for a video interview was found very quickly. For me, it was clearly a good experience and I would recommend it to others. Translated with (free version)

    Instahelp user/employee

    I would not have assumed that counselling via screen could work so well. The physical distance – at least with my issues – does not entail any personal distance. My therapist shows me that she understands exactly what I am talking about. Together we get to the core of the problems very quickly. This is not only liberating, but also a lot of fun.

    Instahelp user/employee

    With text chat, audio or video telephony, the counselling is always there.




    Various counselling-languages offered

    Instahelp offers online psychological counselling in 3 languages by default: German, English and French. Additional languages complement our offer and ensure the counselling of your employees beyond your own borders.
    Swedish, Italian, Turkish, Serbian, Croatian, Greek, Spanish, Albanian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Polish, Russian … new languages are added all the time!

    Instahelp Languages

    Our experts provide advice on the following topics.

    Health Promotion

    Stress and Time Management,
    Burnout prevention


    Mental Health,
    Life crisis,
    Family and Partnership


    Taking responsibility,
    challenges within teams,
    Art of Leadership


    personal development,
    conflict management

    Your employees are in the best of hands.

    All our experts are trained health and clinical psychologists with at least 3 years of practical experience and special additional training for online counselling.

    Stöger-Knes Christine - Psychologin in 1180 Wien
    Mag. MSc Christine Stöger-Knes

    A very great, competent psychologist. A huge stroke of luck to have found her!

    Duque Raphael - Psychologe in 1120 Wien
    Mag. Raphael Duque

    Perfect! Exceedingly quick response, totally nice and caring. I feel well taken care of

    Wallisch-Tomasch Annette - Psychologin in 8010 Graz
    Mag. Dr. Annette Wallisch-Tomasch

    A lot of trust in a short time, very concrete courses of action, does not let up. Takes her time, answers very quickly. Great woman!

    Mental Health Investment Journey

    Our Mental Wellbeing Academy will guide you
    on the path to your Mental Wellness Culture!

    Home office, digital leadership, work-life balance – the current challenges affect employees and managers in many ways. In a very short time, their daily work routine has changed, familiar structures are being broken up and team spirit is increasingly being put to the test.

    Instahelp accompanies you through this change and offers you the right tools to optimally support this change through suitable communication measures, workshops and training as well as tools to strengthen mental health in the company.

    Your benefits

    • Support in building a Mental Wellness Culture
    • Customized workshops for your needs
    • Top trained and experienced psychologists
    • Awareness raising and preventive measures

    For us, Mental Wellness Culture means integrating mental health and its needs into everyday work. For some, it is a short meditation to relax in between, for others, it is conscious reflection.

    Our Services

    Communication measures

    Communication measures

    As experts in mental health, we know how important it is to educate and raise awareness on this topic. We are happy to take over the communication to your employees and provide content and communication campaigns in various forms, languages and scopes (videos, newsletter or poster campaigns, workshops and impulse lectures, podcasts, etc.). Individually and tailored to your topics.



    As part of our Mental Wellbeing Academy, we offer customized workshops and impulse lectures on a variety of topics. Choose from existing topics or let us work together on new ideas. Extract from our offer:

    • Miracle weapon resilience
    • Stress and stress management
    • Mental health in the home office
    • Motivation and finding the right goals
    • Peak Performance
    • Healthy leadership


    Use the potential of your employees to build a Mental Wellness Culture within your company!

    • Coming soon!

    Best Practice

    For a client, we conducted a series of workshops on the topic of “Happiness and Motivation at Work”.
    Here is a small excerpt from the program:

    Workshops - Mental Health - Instahelp

    Are you interested in receiving professional support from one of our experts?
    We would be happy to hear from you at!