Psychological Counselling Online:
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At Instahelp, we are dedicated to expand mental health services through high-quality online counselling. Do you want to support us? Become an Instahelp psychologist and provide your clients with secure, state-of-the-art online counselling.

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Discover 6 good reasons
for online counselling at Instahelp

You provide the expertise, we take care of the rest.


Work from anywhere
at any time

Whether you are travelling the world or working from the comfort of your own home – with Instahelp you can work from wherever and whenever you want. Our technology works on computers, tablets or smartphones and runs on all common systems.


Benefit from
unique services

We take care of new clients, cooperations with partners, marketing and affordable rates for your clients. You will benefit from tailored matching of your clients and can also use the app for private clients. Our support team is always available to assist you.


Attractive payment without
unnecessary bureaucracy

Don’t worry about time-consuming billing or high costs for your practice. Your payment is conveniently transferred to your bank account every month. Of course, you will also receive a transparent bill and an overview of your counselling services.


High privacy standards
and data protection

With our user-friendly Instahelp tool, you are able to provide online therapy via video, audio call or text chat in line with the highest security standards. Our end-to-end encryption system ensures maximum confidentiality in the interaction between you and your clients.


Based on scientific research
and development

With the support from our competent scientific partners, we are constantly developing our tools and services. Hence you can offer online therapy at the highest level and according to the latest scientific findings.


Working together in an
international team

At Instahelp, it is important for us to promote your well-being, the team spirit and the interaction between our international team of psychologists. Benefit from regular intervision, supervision and our free training opportunities.

Start your Instahelp job
in 4 steps

step 1


Apply and get to know us

After you’ve applied using our online form and your documents have been checked, we’ll invite you to a meeting to get to know each other. There we will have time to discuss our mutual expectations and answer any open questions.

step 2


Prepare for online counselling

Complete the qualification course “Online Counselling” at the Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna. This way we make sure that all our psychologists are on the same level and are perfectly prepared to start your counselling.

step 3


Make yourself familiar with Instahelp

Tell your clients who you are and what motivates you to get out of bed every morning. Customise your profile and familiarise yourself with your new counselling tool and the Instahelp features.

step 4


Get started – your clients are waiting for you.

Whether full-time or just for five hours a week, take on clients as your schedule allows. The Instahelp family with all its international colleagues is there to support you. By the way: As an active part of Instahelp, you can use the tool for your private clients as well – completely free of charge!

Our vision: Mental health for
everyone – will you join us?

In order to support us in our common mission as an Instahelp psychologist and help us to ensure the best possible quality of counselling, you should meet the following qualifications:

  • Completed degree in psychology (Master’s degree)
  • Specialisation in clinical psychology, health psychology or counselling
  • Registration at the Health & Care professions council (HCPC)
  • Professional liability insurance
  • At least 3 years of experience with clients
  • Successful completion of the qualification course “Online Counselling” at the Sigmund Freud University (Information and registration via Instahelp)
  • Familiarity with online counselling and online communication is an advantage
  • Time resources for counselling at least 5 clients per month

What our psychologists
say about Instahelp

Find out how our psychologists experience working with Instahelp.

Karin Brauner

Psychological psychotherapist

I believe that looking after our mental health is important, and having someone on the other side of the text message, audio or video calls gives the client a great start for getting back on track. Having a safe space to talk about difficult topics is key, and the instahelp platform facilitates that for both companies and individuals that seek support via the platform.

Katja Kunert

Psychological psychotherapist

I use Instahelp because it makes psychological counselling very accessible, which helps to reduce misconceptions about mental health issues. I enjoy working with a wide range of clients who are conveniently referred to me by Instahelp.

Our quality management

Our first priority at Instahelp is the quality of our counselling services. Here we introduce you to some of the key people involved in our quality management:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Berger

Prof. Dr. med. Ernst Berger

Representing the Scientific Advisory Board of Instahelp

Dr. Ernst Berger is a specialist in psychiatry and neurology, a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry as well as a psychotherapist. Dr. Ernst Berger, alongside the Instahelp scientific advisory board, provides expertise for the strategic quality management and the review of psychological product developments.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Birgit U. Stetina

Prof. Dr. Birgit U. Stetina

Representing Instahelp’s external quality management by the Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna

Dr. Birgit U. Stetina is a clinical and health psychologist and head of the department of clinical psychology at the Sigmund Freud University Vienna. In cooperation with Instahelp, Dr. Birgit U. Stetina is available for the supervision of the psychology team and regularly leads university training programmes for Instahelp psychologists.

Mag. Dr. Annette Wallisch-Tomasch

Dr. Annette Wallisch-Tomasch

Internal quality management

Dr. Annette Wallisch-Tomasch is a lecturer in the qualification course for Instahelp psychologists at Sigmund Freud University Vienna. As an experienced Instahelp psychologist, she is also responsible for the internal quality management, guiding the intervision between colleagues and creating a lively and supportive exchange between Instahelp psychologists.

MMag.a Jasmin Sadeghian

Dr. Jasmin Sadeghian

Psychological relations

Dr. Jasmin Sadeghian is responsible for internal quality management as well as the area of Research & Development for scientific research questions. Other quality assurance tasks include the organisation of psychological training measures and feedback on product development.

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Any questions?

How does the application process work?

After you have submitted your application via the application form, your details and documents will be checked. If you meet all the requirements, we will invite you to an interview to clarify our mutual expectations and discuss open questions. If the chemistry between us is right, we will arrange the contract, you will be trained and start the qualification course as soon as possible. After finishing the qualification course successfully you are ready to take on clients in your Instahelp practice.

When does the next qualification course start?

The Instahelp qualification course can be completed once per quarter. We will inform you about the next suitable date during the application process.

How many clients can I advise with Instahelp?

Instahelp psychologists usually see between 5 and 35 clients. Depending on how many time resources you have, you can adjust your counselling slots at any time. You can do this conveniently by yourself in your Instahelp account. We expect a minimum capacity of at least 5 clients per psychologist.

How does the billing work?

Each month you will automatically receive a transparent invoice and an overview of your counselling services. Your fee is transferred monthly to the bank account of your choice. A fair service fee is charged for the services that Instahelp provides to keep your work as carefree as possible. The service fee is also indicated on your invoice.

How much can I earn with Instahelp?

How much you earn with Instahelp depends on how many clients you have. You will receive a transparent monthly overview of your counselling services and your payment. The proportional service fee includes access to the counselling platform, technical development of the applications, client acquisition (marketing and public relations), support for companies, insurance companies and private partnerships, customer service for clients and psychologists, and supervision, intervision and further training.

Am I employed as a psychologist with Instahelp?

As an Instahelp psychologist you work as a self-employed person. A cooperation and partner contract is concluded between you and Instahelp. You take care of your own professional liability insurance, just like in your private practice.

How long am I contractually bound to Instahelp?

The Instahelp cooperation contract is unlimited. If you want to end the cooperation with Instahelp, you can terminate the cooperation at the end of each month by giving two months’ notice.

What are the holiday conditions?

As a self-employed person, you are free to take your holidays at any time. In order to keep track of our resources, we ask our psychologists to let us know when they plan to be absent. Clients can pause counselling during your absence or temporarily switch to one of your Instahelp colleagues.

How does the distribution of clients work?

From psychological research we know that a counselling process is particularly successful when the sympathy and thus the relationship between client and psychologist is right. For this reason, we are convinced that clients should be free to choose their psychologists. On the basis of some information provided by the client, those psychologists who fit particularly well (e.g. on the basis of special fields or time availability) are displayed in advance. The final decision for a psychologist is always made by the client. Experience has shown that complete profiles (with introductory video, descriptive texts, etc.) are preferred.

How secure are Instahelp counselling sessions?

The contact between you and your clients exclusively takes place via our DSGVO-compliant Instahelp tool. We use a modern end-to-end encryption system to keep all data secure.

How do I get in touch with clients?

Clients go through a series of questions at the beginning so that those psychologists who best match the client’s wishes can be displayed. This is to ensure a perfect match between clients and psychologists. In the course of registering clients, those clients who indicate that they are a threat to themselves or others are forwarded to country-specific emergency centres. If a client selects you as their psychologist, you will receive a notification of a new client. Within 24 hours you respond to the request with a first message (e.g. to make an appointment for a video call). The initial meeting takes place within 7 days.

How can I organise the counselling online?

Text chat (asynchronous or synchronous), audio or video telephony are available to you for counselling. The medium can be adapted at any time (e.g. from text chat to video telephony) according to the needs of the client/situation. You also have numerous online interventions at your disposal, which you can share with your clients directly in the chat. These exercises can then be carried out independently by your clients directly in the app. You will also learn how to transfer your counselling methods from the offline to the online setting in the qualification course.

What if I need technical support?

The technological tool that is used for all online counselling sessions via chat, video or audio call was developed by Instahelp itself. We know our product inside out. If you have any technical or organisational questions, please contact our support team at

What if I need psychological or content-related advice?

If you have questions about psychological content, you can use the online intervision forum 24/7, where your colleagues are available to give you advice and support. You can also take advantage of regular online intervision and supervision meetings.

What opportunities do I have to be active at Instahelp in addition to my counselling work?

We have great marketing ideas and also do a lot of PR work. Since we like to put our psychologist team in the spotlight, you will have the opportunity to support us in the area of marketing (e.g. with the production of psychological videos or texts) if you are interested. Take the opportunity in one of our meetings to tell us about your willingness to support us in this area.