This is how online counselling
by experienced psychologists at Instahelp works

Welcome to Instahelp. We’re delighted you’ve tracked us down. Instahelp is a simple and secure opportunity to get support from professional psychologists. Seek out together ways forward and solutions for your problem, so that you can find happiness again.

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Online-Beratung über Instahelp

Ihr Psychologe oder Berater bietet Ihnen mit Instahelp eine sichere Möglichkeit für die Online-Beratung. Die Instahelp Online-Praxis wurde speziell für die Online-Beratung entwickelt und ist mit modernsten Sicherheitsmechanismen geschützt. Die Beratung über Instahelp ist somit sicherer als E-Mail oder Skype.

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Contented Instahelp users

This is what Instahelp users have to say about online counselling
and their online psychologists
  • Very helpful. Exactly what I needed at that moment. Fast, efficient and with empathy. Many thanks!
    – Instahelp user
  • I’m really delighted that, through her invaluable responses, my psychologist has given me new impetus that has immediately led to an improved here and now in my day-to-day life. I’m very happy with the counselling.
    – Instahelp user
  • The speed was really very impressive. Very friendly and understanding. Many thanks.
    – Instahelp user
  • With her positive words and advice, my psychologist eased the process of reaching a decision I should have made a long time ago. She really took the trouble to understand me deeply and not just conduct some superficial conversation. Thanks for that.
    – Instahelp user

Überzeugte Instahelp Nutzer

Das sagen Online-Berater über Instahelp
  • Ich nutze Instahelp, weil es durch Zeiteffizienz, Komfort, Flexibilität und örtliche Unabhängigkeit des Online-Settings eine angenehme Arbeitsatmosphäre schafft.
    – Mag. Raphael Duque
  • Ich biete als Psychologe seit 2001 Online-Beratung an. Mit Instahelp habe ich nun eine Möglichkeit gefunden, meinen Klientinnen und Klienten auch die nötige Sicherheit der Gespräche bieten zu können.
    – Mag. Dominik M. Rosenauer
  • Als Psychologin berate ich meine Klienten flexibel, damit Klienten Wartezeiten auf eine Therapie überbrücken, während Therapieunterbrechungen mit mir in Kontakt bleiben oder auch nach dem Beratungsende wieder Kontakt aufnehmen können.
    – Mag. Christiane Maier-Plos


This is what you can expect from Instahelp:

  • professional online counselling
  • experienced psychologists
  • 100% anonymous & secure
  • no waiting, cancel anytime
  • aiming for solutions & effective
  • sound scientific basis

In 2 steps to psychological counselling at Instahelp

Let’s take the helm together!

Step 1
Step 2

Step 1

1. Choose your psychologist
Complimentary Welcome Assistant

The relationship between you and your psychologist forms a decisive basis for successful counselling. You will be accompanied by our Welcome Assistant in the selection of a suitable psychologist. It will guide you step by step to your psychologist and answer your questions about Instahelp.

Step 2

2. Individual counselling
Reply on average within 7 h

Your selected clinical psychologist will be at your side throughout the consultation. He or she will accompany you on your journey with a neutral, value-free and empathetic attitude and will work with you to develop concrete strategies to solve your problems or achieve your goals.

Counselling where and when you like

Counselling via chat

Anonymous and without appointment: The counselling is adapted to your schedule – even in the evening and at weekends.

Video or audio calls

Like a personal conversation, only more flexible: call your psychologist directly via the Instahelp App.

The online counselling process:

Before counselling


Choosing a psychologist

As soon as you start chat, you’ve already taken the most important step. Our Welcome Assistant receives you in your private and secure counselling space, with a view to helping you to select a suitable online psychologist..

* If you’ve received an access code from your employer, you can redeem it at this stage.


Get to know your psychologist

The relationship to your psychologist is one of the most important success factors for counselling. In order to get to know your chosen psychologist, we offer you a non-binding initial session.


Start of counselling with your psychologist

Your selected psychologist is available to you within 7 hours on average (guaranteed within 24 hours). There are no waiting times longer than this with us. Depending on the counselling model, your psychologist will get in touch 1 to 6 times a week for 30 to 50 minutes of live chat.

During counselling


Anonymous chat with no appointment

Text chat is the most anonymous form of counselling and is also possible with no appointment. This way you can use Instahelp anytime and anywhere – outside normal office hours too (e.g. in the evening). The counselling fits in with your timing, even if you travel a lot on business or privately.


“Face-to-face” counselling in live chat

The counselling can also take place via video or audio telephony according to your preferences and by agreement with the psychologist. Agree an appointment for this with your psychologist. Video telephony is a very similar experience to having counselling with a psychologist in person.


From problem to solution

You are the centre of attention. In the regular talks, your psychologist helps you to find your way to solutions to your personal problem. Through personal counselling with targeted support you will sense successful progress after just a few weeks.

Concluding counselling


Concluding counselling

The duration and therefore the end of counselling depend on you and your problem. As soon as you’re ready, have a concluding talk with your psychologist and end counselling in the Settings. A certain amount of insecurity is completely normal; your psychologist will be sure to prepare you for that. You can also reactivate counselling any time.

So treten Sie mit Ihrem Berater in Kontakt


Die ersten Schritte

Auf der Website Ihres Psychologen oder Beraters finden Sie ein Widget (Eingabefeld) von Instahelp. Geben Sie eine Nachricht ein und sende Sie diese ab. Sie werden zur Registrierung weitergeleitet, um ein Instahelp Konto zu erstellen. Danach öffnet sich Ihr privater Beratungsraum, in dem die Online-Beratung stattfindet.



Sobald sich Ihr Psychologe oder Berater zurückgemeldet hat, erhalten Sie eine Benachrichtigung per E-Mail. Melden Sie sich unter an, um die Nachricht Ihres Psychologen oder Beraters zu lesen. Bitte vereinbaren Sie gemeinsam die Rahmenbedingungen für die Beratung (Ablauf, Preis, Kontakthäufigkeit etc.).


Beginn der Beratung

Je nach Ihren Vorlieben, kann die Beratung per Textchat oder auch per Video- und Audiotelefonie erfolgen. Der Textchat ist die anonymste Form der Beratung und ist auch ohne Terminvereinbarung möglich. Videotelefonie hingegen kommt einer Beratung vor Ort sehr nahe.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Simply give us a try and find ways forward and solutions to your problem together with your psychologist.

If what we offer does not suit you, you can end counselling anytime in Settings.

Choose psychologist

What can I expect on my personal journey at Instahelp?

1.  Is my online psychologist always available?

Depending on your payment model, your psychologist will be available up to 50 minutes per week. Text chat is the most flexible method – there is no appointment required.

2.  How long does the consultation at Instahelp last?

The actual duration depends on your concerns. Experiences have shown that with psychological online counselling on a regular basis, significant progress can be achieved within a few weeks.

3.  Are my conversations with the psychologist confidential and secure?

Yes, all psychologists are subject to the obligation of confidentiality. In addition, Instahelp uses technical encryption to protect conversations and messages from unauthorized access.

4.  Are the costs covered by health insurances?

Some private insurance companies and other partners cover the costs of psychological online counselling at Instahelp. You can find more information on the assumption of costs here. Unfortunately, public health insurance companies currently do not offer cost coverage for online counselling.

For whom is online counselling at Instahelp suitable?

Whether it’s about life-crises, relationship problems or conflicts in your work, at Instahelp you get clinical-psychological counselling that covers areas including: problem analysis, working out approaches for overcoming problems, looking after and maintaining your health, avoiding recurrence of psychological disorders (relapse prevention, rehabilitation), strengthening personal initiative and help with self-help.

Online counselling is not appropriate if you are in an acute crisis or emergency situation or already know that you’re suffering from a clinically significant disorder. Nevertheless we are happy to help you find a psychologist or expert near you. Instahelp offers a service complementary to classical counselling and therapy at a practice. For legal reasons, the preparation of a diagnosis with subsequent therapy is not offered.

Die Instahelp Online-Praxis ist eine Software, die Online-Beratern zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Beratungsinhalte, Beratungsqualität und Verfügbarkeiten obliegen ausschließlich dem Berater. Nutzer der Instahelp Online-Praxis stehen in keiner Verbindung zu Instahelp, sofern sie keine Instahelp Psychologen sind.