Prices for online counselling at Instahelp

Get one step ahead with Instahelp. Clinical and health psychologists support you with individual changes and in challenging situations. They work with methods based on cognitive behavioural therapy. Below you will find an overview of the consulting costs.

Start counselling

Counselling models

You can choose between two models
for counselling with your online psychologist
  • 100% anonymous and secure
  • option to cancel anytime
  • no minimum period
  • option to change price level anytime
Initial session
introductory offer
30 min. counselling
€ 49
30 min. counselling
€ 55
50 min. counselling Standard
€ 79
75 min. couples counselling (1 access per couple)
€ 155
The counselling units can be used flexibly – several times a week, weekly or at several week intervals. The counselling can be adjusted or terminated at any time in the settings.
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For companies we prepare individual offers according to the size of the business.
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Online counselling in comparison with on-site therapy

Online counselling at Instahelp is very flexible and less costly than classical therapy in a practice. Make an appointment with your psychologist or chat whenever you wish.

Online counselling at Instahelp

  • 30 to 50 min./week live chat
    (text, audio oder video)
  • without appointment
  • anonymous
  • available immediately
  • even on evenings and weekends
  • available anywhere
from € 49 – € 79/week

Classical therapy in a practice

  • 45-60 min./week
    (only in person)
  • only with appointment
  • not anonymous
  • up to 6 months delay
  • working days only
  • may involve long trip
~ € 120 – € 150/hour