“Why is my life so strongly influenced by fear?”
“Why can’t I leave the house anymore?”
“Why is it a disaster when I have to speak in front of other people?”
“Why am I so frightened of using public transport?”
“Why can’t I go shopping like everybody else?”
“Why ondoes my mind always go blank in exams?”
“Why am I so afraid of flying?”
“Why do I freeze immediately when I see a spider?”


Dealing with your own fears

My goal is that to be able to courageously face my fears.
Mental health affects all of us
Psychological counselling online

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Torturing worries
Social anxiety
Sleeping disorderss

Would you like to talk to someone about your fears?

Psychological counselling helps you to learn how to deal with your anxieties and
to master seemingly unmanageable situations with the help of concrete strategies.

Make peace with your own fears

Fears can occur in very different forms: in social situations (eating in front of others, speaking, writing, etc.) or in certain places (e.g. public transport or places with many people). Anxiety can significantly reduce the quality of life to the extent that those affected even wish they no longer felt any fear at all.

The life-saving function of anxiety is usually forgotten due to the high level of emotional suffering: It leads to an enormous increase in attention and performance, which enables us to react with lightning speed in dangerous situations. In the case of an anxiety disorder, however, the anxiety misses its actual function, in which an actually harmless situation is classified as life-threatening and the body switches to alarm readiness.

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How can online counselling help you here?

As part of the online counselling, you will be supported by an experienced psychologist in developing appropriate strategies for dealing with your fears. Especially in cases of social anxiety or fear of using public transport, online counselling is particularly suitable because it is anonymous and flexible in terms of time and place.

The following psychological elements can be applied during counselling:

  • Information transfer regarding the levels of anxiety, functions of anxiety, etc.
  • Revealing disaster fantasies in relation to the anxiety stimulus (e.g. situation, location, object)
  • Learning of cognitive techniques such as the Thought Stopping for the prevention of fear-promoting thoughts
  • Imaginative methods
  • Confrontation with the fear stimulus
  • Relaxation techniques
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Individual counselling

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Recommended period of counselling:
8 weeks, option to cancel anytime

We offer individual counselling units, which can be terminated on a weekly basis. For counselling on anxiety we recommend a minimum period of 8 weeks. It’s important to note that this is a recommendation and actual periods of counselling differ on an individual basis.

Do you have any questions relating to the process or conditions surrounding online psychological counselling? Our Welcome Assistant is available around the clock to answer your questions about Instahelp and help you choose your psychologist.

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