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Live Your Dream Life
with Selma Prodanovic  | 
Business Angelina & Entrepreneur

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Make your dreams come true
with Selma Prodanovic!

Proud mother, successful entrepreneur, warm friend, inspiring colleague, loving wife – Selma Prodanovic knows the feeling of having to – and being able to – take on different roles! As an entrepreneur, business creator and loving mother, she too was faced with the question: Who do I really am? What are my deepest dreams and needs? She wants to share her experience with other women – including you! Often referred to as the “grande dame of the Austrian start-up community”, Selma is one of the most influential business consultants and business angels in Europe.

Selma Prodanovic
While balancing child and career and trying to manage everything at the same time, superwomen often lose themselves. It’s time to redefine success.
— Selma Prodanovic,
Business Angelina & Entrepreneur

Join us in finding the path to your dream life!

In this inspiring video, Selma guides you on the path to your dreams. What exactly does your path look like and who or what will you meet at each step? Get ready for an adventure – because the most exciting journey in life is the one to yourself!

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Your personal journey to your dream life
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Mental Health Matters

Mind Up! We make you mentally strong

The world has been upside down for a few months now. In situations like these, where the goal is to get through everyday life well, our own dreams and desires are often pushed into the background. We “function” pretty well for a while – but to be really happy, it takes more than just “functioning”.

We still often answer the question “How are you?” with “Fine, thank you! But this is not always the case – and that is perfectly fine. Each and every one of us can contribute something to growing mentally strong in difficult phases.

We support you – and give mental health a face and a voice!