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Mental Wellness Culture: A success story between Instahelp and KNAPP Industry Solutions | ivii GmbH

The topic of preventive health care is a particularly important concern for Knapp Industry Solutions and ivii GmbH. This is reflected in the great commitment to their employees.
With their own KNAPP Campus, KNAPP Industry Solutions and ivii GmbH stand for the development of new and innovative technologies – they are now also taking new, innovative paths in the topic of mental health.

For about 3 years, Instahelp has been available to employees of KNAPP Industry Solutions and ivii GmbH free of charge for online psychological counseling. This offers the possibility to discuss current topics and concerns from the professional and private environment with professional counsellors. Ms. Birgit Sükar, member of the management team at Knapp Industry Solutions and ivii GmbH, was the main advocate of this service. The feedback from the company shows “that the counseling has helped individual employees a lot.” In an interview with Christiane Katschnig-Otter, Partnership Manager for Companies at Instahelp, she talks about current challenges, the importance of mental strength and how Instahelp supports ivii employees in this process.

Keyword “mental health”: why is KNAPP Solutions dealing with this topic at all? What do you expect from it?

In my opinion, the entire working world is undergoing an enormous upheaval. Buzzwords such as new work, digitalization, home office and a wide range of training opportunities are, for me, a huge transformation of the professional environment.
In this field of tension, it is important to take good care of your employees and support them in staying fit not only physically, but also mentally. By this I mean when, despite the workload and rapidly changing conditions, you manage to perform your tasks with a certain “lightness” and joy, while still finding time and energy for friends, family and your own needs.

What were the greatest psychological effects on KNAPP Solutions employees as a result of the Corona crisis?

The sudden transition to a new work environment, such as home office, the reduction of social contacts, experiencing Leadership by Distance, and doing so in an uncertain Corona environment.

Why did you choose Instahelp? Where do you see the biggest benefits?

Especially with mental health, we want to lower the barrier to getting support. And that can also simply be prepared for an important, critical customer meeting. With Instahelp, we offer our employees this free, anonymous and uncomplicated option.

We see the advantage of being able to make an appointment with a competent psychologist of one’s choice, regardless of time and place. This is often possible at very short notice for urgent issues.

Many of our employees are on the road, often separated from their loved ones, Instahelp makes it possible to take advantage of uncomplicated counselling at any time. You can also choose the type of communication, whether by video, phone or text only.

hat services does Instahelp offer you?

On the one hand, there is good support from our customer advisor, who always provides us with new ideas and newsletters to motivate even more employees to use Instahelp. On the other hand, there are exciting marketing campaigns, such as the articles and videos by Toto Wolff or Florian Gschwandtner, which have inspired our employees.

What is the feedback from employees about Instahelp? What are the results and experiences since the consulting service has been active?

At peak times, up to 10% of our employees used Instahelp on a regular basis. We know from personal conversations that the counselling has been very helpful to individual employees. We can only recommend Instahelp!

If you as a company are also interested in making Instahelp available to your employees, we look forward to hearing from you at business@instahelp.me.

Photo Credits: ©KNAPP/Kanizaj

Updated on: 2. July 2024
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