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Eight wonderful ways of saying “I love you”

Those three words “I love you” aren’t always the most enchanting ways of declaring your love. If you say these factual things to your partner, they will feel addressed in an altogether personal way. This way you can strengthen your relationship every day.

1. “I’m always there for you”

Being able to count on your partner at any time, whatever happens; isn’t that a wonderful confirmation of love?

2. “You make me happy!”

This sentence shows how you treasure your partner and are thankful for everything that’s special about them.

3. “I feel absolutely secure around you”

This way you indicate to the one you love that you trust them one hundred percent. Certainly not many people get this status in their lifetimes. You can amplify the message if you say that this is the first time in your life that you feel absolutely secure – with him/her.

4. “I’d like to spend my whole life together with you.”

Wham! Stay together for life? You can’t top that.

5. “I find you unbelievably attractive!”

Desiring your partner – after many years too – means great joy for both. Say it out loud. Your partner will love it.

6. “I forgive you.”

A long-term relationship contains, amongst other things, a sequence of events of unconditional forgiveness – for smaller and larger mistakes, which your partner tends to repeat. If you express your forgiveness, you tell your partner that ultimately they are the most important consideration.

7. “Please forgive me.”

Admitting your errors and apologising also count among the most important things that maintain a relationship. If you aren’t forever tussling with your partner about who is right and instead ask them sincerely to forgive you, you show them your love.

8. “You make me a better person.”

So much praise and acknowledgement is indeed packed into this short sentence. If your partner has unintentionally managed to influence you positively and that also makes you happy, that’s true love.

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Updated on: 17. July 2019
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