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Mental Strength

The Secret to Success
by Toto Wolff  | 
Team Principal, Mercedes F1

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Get mentally strong with Toto Wolff

Pressure to perform, high expectations, ambitious goals – as Mercedes Team Principal, Toto Wolff knows exactly what it means to perform despite extreme stress situations.

The successful racing boss and leader has developed his very own and personal formula of success in order to stay mentally strong while being manager and father at the same time. In a series about mental health, he will share in 4 episodes – for the first time – a look behind the scenes, talks openly about ups and downs and why his own mental strength is his top priority.

Toto Wolff
You cannot function without being mentally balanced.
— Toto Wolff,
Team Principal, Mercedes F1

Getting mentally strong with Toto Wolff

In this exclusive series, Toto Wolff gives insights into his formula of success for mental strength. In addition, you get insights from Instahelp psychologists and a valuable toolbox to train your mental strength.

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Toto Wolff Episode 1 Warm Up

Staying efficient

How to stay efficient despite extreme stress

High stress always is a big burden. Here, you learn to face this state with full mental power and to react individually to your personal warning signals.

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Toto Wolff Episode 2 Qualifying

Training mindfulness

Take over the control right here and right now

We only have this one life, this one moment, to be able to give our best. Right here and right now, you will learn how to perform under extreme pressure.

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Toto Wolff Episode 3 Boxenstopp

Effective reflection

How to sharpen your focus on the essentials

The daily flood of information can hinder the view on the essential. Find out what you really want in order to consciously make decisions.

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Toto Wolff Episode 4 Race

Strong through passion and inspiration

How to find your inner drive

Find out what is really important to you and how you can pursue this goal with passion.

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Your individual path to mental strength
with psychological counselling online

Develop your own success formula for mental strength! Trained Instahelp psychologists are by your side to help you! Together you can define your goals and find your individual path to mental strength. Plus, you can now do it online and from the comfort of your own home!

Mental Health Matters

We make you mentally strong

Corona has affected all of us – especially psychologically. We are constantly exposed to a changing everyday life and are increasingly confronted with topics such as insecurity in regard to our current job situations or being in fear for health, loneliness, partnership problems, depressive moods. On top of that, households with children can experience increased stress due to the current school and daycare situation.

When asking the question “How are you?” we still like to answer with “Fine, thank you”. Even if that is not always the case and that is okay. But we can do something to get out of this situation mentally strengthened. In these challenging times, it is more important than ever to take care of your own mental health and make it a priority.

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