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The opportunity for businesses to take responsibility for helping their employees in difficult situations has improved through Instahelp. The main advantages are continuous availability, anonymity and speedy professional care – for us as a globally acting company this is of paramount importance.

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Psychological stress at work – taboo?

Psychological disorders are the third most common reason for sick-leave.
Yet psychological problems are treated as taboo.

Rapid increase in psychological problems Sick-leave days according to cause
We have conducted a survey amongst 1.017 employees in industry:
48,6% see this topic as a taboo in their company
8 out of 10 see anonymity as the most important criterion
2/3 deny their psychological problem in the event of sick-leave

Health cost calculator

The following calculation is based on the Stanford formula and refers to employees who would go to work despite feeling sick. Lower performance also creates costs. Use our calculator to get a rough estimate.

Losses through absences
Number of staff × 20% staff at risk × average gross salary of your staff × 25% reduced output

What is Instahelp?

We offer anonymous, online psychological counselling for the promotion of health
– at the touch of a button for your employees

Online counselling in real time

With Instahelp you offer your employees an innovative, scientifically well-founded and anonymous counselling concept.

Professionally trained team of psychologists

Behind Instahelp there is an experienced team of industrial, clinical and health psychologists.

Reachable anytime, anywhere

Your employees will be able to chat with or team of psychologists wherever they are at any time via smartphone, tablet or PC.

Reachable anytime, anywhere

simple, safe, anonymous

Devoted Instahelp customers

Feedback from people who have made use of online counselling
with an Instahelp online psychologist
  • Very helpful – focussed and to-the-point. Exactly what I needed at that moment. Fast, efficient and with empathy. Many thanks!
    – Instahelp user
  • I’m really delighted that, through her invaluable responses, my psychologist has given me new impetus that has immediately led to an improved here and now in my day-to-day life. I’m very happy with the counselling.
    – Instahelp user
  • The speed was really very impressive. Very friendly and understanding. Many thanks.
    – Instahelp user
  • With her positive words and advice, my psychologist eased the process of reaching a decision I should have made a long time ago. She really took the trouble to understand me deeply and not just conduct some superficial conversation. Thanks for that.
    – Instahelp user

Workplace health promotion has become an essential element of modern corporate strategies. By means of timely measures, you’ll be able to increase well-being and health at the workplace whilst, at the same time, reducing sick-leave days and downtime costs.

  • Relief for the entire organisation
  • Appreciation of employees
  • Improvement of your company’s image
  • Positioning as attractive employer (employer branding)
  • Promotion of psychological health at the work place
  • Increase in working power and performance
  • Reduction of sick-leave days
  • Reduction of staff turnover

Counselling for your employees

We will establish a tailored counselling plan for your employees. Counselling objectives are continuously assessed jointly and adapted if necessary. Instahelp’s working approach is solution-oriented and imparts structure.

  • Personal development
  • Mobbing & solution of conflicts
  • Burnout prevention & re-entry
  • Stress management
  • Life crisis
  • Grief counselling
  • Addiction avoidance
  • Job & family

Frequently psychological problems don’t have anything to do with the job but have a considerable effect on performance and productivity.

Easy administration

The Instahelp Business Manager will give you an anonymous overview of usage in your company.
Instahelp Business Manager

Our offer

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Each euro you invest in the psychological health of your employees will help save 2 to 4 euros on sick-leave and loss of productivity
Package Flexible
Counselling for employees
On-call service from 8am till 11pm
Initial contact is free
(Analysis of the problem, selection of psychologist)
Regular counselling
(Support of employees, problem solution)
Price is according to size of business
Seasonal information campaigns
State-of-the-art security standards and encryption mechanisms
Apps for desktop, tablets and smartphones
Access to Instahelp Business Manager
Technical support
Creation of communication material
Support in internal communication
Price on request* Price on request*
* Price is according to size of business

Your Instahelp contact

We will make an offer tailored to your company
Johannes Fell

Johannes Fell

Mental Health Ambassador
+43 676 495 55 32