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General questions

What is Instahelp?
Instahelp is a platform for online psychological counselling, which connects those seeking help with psychologists. Those who seek help can send their questions online to experienced psychologists, in order to find a solution through chat-based, individual counselling. Counselling is carried out via computer, smartphone or tablet, and is thus always at hand. Furthermore, we ensure full anonymity, fast response and flexibility regarding location and time.

Instahelp represents a service offering additional to the existing counselling system in classical counselling and does not replace therapy programmes. Instahelp is focussed on psychological help. Due to legal conditions, a diagnosis followed by therapy is not offered.
Why should I use online counselling?
Instahelp offers the following advantages compared with counselling in person:

Full anonymity: You can freely choose your display name and also use an anonymous email address. In this way you’ll be able to have completely anonymous counselling.
Chat-based: Sometimes it’s easier to write about a problem than speaking about it. Additionally you can avoid awkward situations in the waiting room.
Geographical flexibility: By means of our apps, you’ll be able to benefit from counselling anywhere. Our Instahelp apps are available for desktop, tablet and smartphone.
Temporal flexibility: Contact your psychologist as soon as you would like to write about your problem. Waiting times and appointments are obsolete. Your psychologist will contact you immediately.
When should you not use Instahelp?
Psychological counselling at Instahelp does not replace medical or psychological counselling or treatment on-site and is not suitable for the diagnosis or treatment of psychological conditions. In cases of psychological diseases and psychoses, severe trauma, suicidal thoughts or severe addiction conditions, Instahelp should not be used.

In case of need please contact your doctor immediately or contact the following institutions (free of charge):
From what age may I use Instahelp?
Use of Instahelp is allowed from age 16.
How does Instahelp work?
1. Choosing your psychologist
As a first step, you select a psychologist who specializes in your field of concern and who meets your needs in terms of e.g. availability of time and form of communication (text, video, audio). Selection and registration are free of charge.

2. Non-binding first interview
After selecting your psychologist, you can activate the individual counselling. Your psychologist will contact you within 24 hours. In the first interview you get to know each other and discuss the further course of the counselling.

3. Starting the individual counselling
Your selected psychologist will be at your disposal for the entire consultation. The intensity and frequency of the counselling varies according to your topic and is agreed individually between you and the psychologist.
Who is the Instahelp Welcome Assistant?
The Welcome Assistant is a chatbot that answers your questions about Instahelp and guides you step by step through the process of selecting a suitable psychologist. Based on your input, you will receive suggestions for psychologists who meet your needs in terms of time availability, form of communication and subject area, for example. This part is free of charge. As soon as you have chosen a psychologist, your coach will take you through the payment process and will then pass your chat on to that psychologist.
Who are the Instahelp psychologists?
Our Instahelp team of psychologists consists of experienced clinical and health psychologists, who are available to respond to your personal requests (counselling is fee-based). Due to the fact that each psychologist is specialised in certain psychological areas, the Instahelp coach will choose the psychologist best suited to you after the first talk. Get an overview of our Instahelp team of psychologists here.


What is the online counselling procedure at Instahelp?
Instahelp online counselling is guided by your individual needs and is subdivided into the following three steps:

Choosing an Instahelp psychologist
Complimentary Welcome Assistant
Your initial contact with our digital Welcome Assistant serves to clarify any questions regarding online counselling at Instahelp and to choose an appropriate Instahelp psychologist. On the basis of this conversation, psychologists specialised in the area that suits your needs will be proposed. After you’ve chosen one psychologist, we’ll connect you with them.

First interview with your Instahelp psychologist
Getting to know each other and continued problem analysis
In the first week it’s all about getting to know your Instahelp psychologist and becoming generally familiar with Instahelp online counselling. You’ll examine your problem together, define objectives for the counselling as well as how it should continue (for instance, the frequency with which counselling will take place).

Online psychological counselling
Counselling & help for self-help
From the second week it’s all about the solution to the problem. The psychologist will establish a counselling plan and will discuss with you how best to work on your problem by means of various different counselling methods. Counselling objectives are jointly assessed and adapted if necessary. You’ll receive individual tasks and exercises that you’ll apply in your everyday life and you’ll discuss together how things are going. The Instahelp approach is solution-oriented, creating a good structure.

At Instahelp you’ll be given clinical-psychological counselling taking into account the scientific and professional-ethical framework, which covers the following areas:
  • Problem analysis
  • Elaboration of objectives and approaches for solving problems, taking private and professional circumstances into account
  • Continuous assessment and adaptation of objectives
  • Psycho-education and information relating to various different aspects of health impairments, their implications and possibilities of change
  • Information regarding the psychosocial care system and referral to other specialists if applicable
  • Identification of health-related risk behaviour
  • Promotion and preservation of health
  • Identification and support regarding the avoidance of health risks
  • Health-related framework conditions and measures for health promotion, healthcare provision and rehabilitation
  • Preservation or improvement of competences and resources in the management of risk conditions (prevention)
  • Reinforcement of health-promoting conditions in order to avoid recurrence of psychological distress (relapse prevention, rehabilitation)
  • Activation of resources: reinforcement of the client’s own initiative and help for self-help

In the context of a concluding talk, a review of the course of counselling and an outlook for the future will be offered.
By when can I expect an answer?
Once you’ve sent your first request, you’ll receive a response after two minutes. Once you’ve chosen your psychologist, you can expect a first answer within 24 hours. After that, you agree the frequency of counselling with your psychologist.
Will only one psychologist be responsible for me?
Yes, in the first step you will choose your psychologist with the help of the Welcome Assistant. This psychologist will be available to you for the entire period of counselling for your individual support. In exceptional cases (holidays, dissatisfaction etc.) you can let the Instahelp team know that you would like to change your psychologist.
What are my options should I be unhappy with my psychologist? Can I change the psychologist?
At the start, together with our Welcome Assistant, you select a psychologist who specialises in your area. Should you be unhappy with this choice during the counselling, you can change to a different psychologist. Click in the settings under “Payments” – “Room” on “More info” and “Change psychologist”.

Payment and termination of counselling

How much does Instahelp cost? From what point in time do I have to pay for the counselling?
The Welcome Assistant is available to you free of charge. It will explain the process at Instahelp to you and suggest available psychologists who are specialised in your field. As soon as you have chosen an Instahelp psychologist, you can unlock your psychological counselling by entering your payment data. The Instahelp psychologist will come back to you within 24 hours. You can try out Instahelp for a week at in order to get to know your psychologist.

Payment is possible via direct SEPA debiting, credit card or PayPal and will be prolonged automatically so that counselling can be continued smoothly. This prolongation can be ended at any time, whilst you can continue to make use of the counselling for the period of time for which you’ve already paid. Please note that the amount paid for the chosen period is cannot be refunded.

Here you will find an overview of current prices and scope of services.
How can I change my counselling model?
In the settings (gear) you will find the menu item “payments”. Click on “payments”, in order to open the display for your current payment settings.

If this is activated (ON) the amount is debited from your account automatically once a week and counselling is extended by one week. You’ll find information about when the next payment is due right next to the activation switch.

In order for you to get to know your psychologist, we offer you a non-binding first interview. This only requires a one-off payment, which is not automatically prolonged.

Counselling model
Here the chosen counselling model will be displayed (supportive, standard or intensive). You’ll see your selected tariff and the amount you’ve paid. Here you’ll find an overview of current prices and scope of services.

Change counselling model
You can switch between the two counselling models at any time. The change will become effective from the point in time of the next payment. In order to select a new counselling model, please click on “change counselling model”. The payment page will open up with the selection of the counselling model. If you select a different counselling model, you’ll be able to see the current as well as the next chosen counselling model in the payment overview.
How can I end counselling and stop payments?
In the settings (gear) you will find the menu item “payments”. Click on “payments” to open the display of current payment settings.

In order to end counselling, you have to deactivate the switch next to “Next payment”. As soon as you’ve deactivated this option (OFF), no more payments will be debited from your account. The end of counselling shows the date up to which you’ve already paid for counselling. You’ll be able to use counselling up to this date.
Are the costs covered by health insurances?
Some private insurance companies and other partners cover the costs of psychological online counselling at Instahelp. You can find more information on the assumption of costs here. Unfortunately, public health insurance companies currently do not offer cost coverage for online counselling.

Technical questions

How do I register for Instahelp?
Our Welcome Assistant accompanies you during the selection of a suitable psychologist. You will be asked to create an Instahelp account so that you can log into your private consultation room in the future.

Choose an anonymous display name and enter your email address. The email address is not available to the Instahelp team during counselling. It’s only used in the event that you forget your password or wish to receive further information via email.

Once you’ve entered these data you’re inside your personal counselling room and will be able to share your problem with the Instahelp coach. With the email address and your Instahelp password you’ll be able to log into all Instahelp apps (computer, smartphone, tablet).
How is anonymity guaranteed?
During registration you choose an anonymous display name and enter your email address. Here you can also use an address that does not relate to your name. The email address will not be accessible for the Instahelp team during the period of counselling. It would only be used should you have forgotten your password or would like to receive more information via email.
Are my data safe at Instahelp?
Instahelp uses modern encryption (cryptography) to encode your messages and the messages of your psychologist. Encryption is carried out via a secret key inside your counselling room, which is only available to you and your psychologist. You do not have to remember your key because Instahelp generates it automatically for you with every new login by means of an intelligent function. This so-called end-to-end encryption enables top security, because messages are only decoded locally on the sending/receiving devices”. For security reasons, the secret room key will only be saved on your device whilst you are logged in. In this way, even in the event of a hacker attack on the Instahelp server, there won’t be any possibility to decode the messages and make them readable.
On what platforms (computer, tablet, smartphone) will I be able to use Instahelp? What are the system requirements?
You can use Instahelp counselling via apps for smartphones, tablets, computers and all common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari …). For registration you use your Instahelp account, which you create in the course of registration. In this way you can comfortably chat with your psychologist from home. In this way, we would like to give as many people as possible access to professional and individual counselling. Please note the differing requirements for counselling via text or audio and video.

Your devices must fulfil following requirements for the use of Instahelp (counselling via text chat):
Supported browsers:
– Firefox 40 or later
– Google Chrome 44 or later
– Internet Explorer 10 or later
– Microsoft Edge 20 or later
– Safari 7 or later
– Opera 32 or later
– Android Browser from Android 4.1
– iPhone, iPad Browser from iOS 9

Android app:
– Android 4.1 or later compatible Android smartphone or tablet

iPhone/iPad app:
– iOS 9 or later compatible iPhone or iPad

For counselling via audio or video chat you can use the following browsers (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android smartphones and Android tablets):
– Google Chrome*
– Firefox*
– Safari 11*
– Microsoft Edge 40 or later*
– Opera*

Android and iPhone/iPad app
Additionally, audio and video functions are supported by the Instahelp app for Android (from Android version 5.0) and iPhone/iPad (from iOS Version 9).

No support (audio, video)
Following browsers offer no support for counselling via audio and video chat
– Internet Explorer 11, 10, 9, 8, 7
Error message “Calling Instahelp”
If you receive this error message, Instahelp is trying to establish a connection with the server. With a weak Internet connection this can take a few seconds – please be patient for a moment. The message vanishes as soon as connection is achieved. No new messages can be displayed without connection to the server.

Should the message show up continuously, please go through the following options:

1) Check your Internet connection is active and working.
2) Download the Instahelp Web app in your browser again (F5 or “refresh”) or shut down and restart the Instahelp app on the smartphone or tablet in order to check whether it was just a temporary problem.
3) Should the error message continue to be shown, try to download the latest version of your Internet browser. The most popular browsers are Google Chrome and Firefox.
4) Should the problem continue, you might be inside a network (e.g. company network), in which the Web-socket connections necessary to use Instahelp are blocked by a firewall. Should this be the case, please contact our Instahelp support

Other questions

How do you become an Instahelp psychologist?
Instahelp psychologists are subject to strict quality criteria and are chosen carefully. Should you be interested you may apply directly to us. For more information click here.
Can companies also use Instahelp?
Yes, Instahelp offers ideal support for the psychological wellbeing of your employees. Here too, counselling is anonymous, keeping the psychological barrier as low as possible. Here you’ll find more information.

Support Team

Should you have any questions on Instahelp or have problems when using Instahelp apps,
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