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My goal is to overcome negative thoughts and to feel the joy of life again.

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Clinical psychologists are your companions

Instahelp psychologists are selected with great care. Each one is a clinical or health psychologist, has at least 3 years of experience in face-to-face therapy, has completed additional training in online counselling and works scientifically according to the methods of cognitive behavioural therapy.

The high quality of counselling is guaranteed by our scientific advisory board and long-term cooperation with the Sigmund Freud University.

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Clinical psychologists provide counselling at Instahelp
SFU Vienna scientific advisory board

When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills.

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More than 30,000 people have already discovered Instahelp’s counselling service.

Instahelp client, 10/07/2018

I think the possibility to get help online is good and up-to-date. This gives me a lot of flexibility with the appointments, which I find positive.

Instahelp client, 11/06/2018

I think it’s good that you can keep it so anonymous. To make an appointment with a psychologist is really a big step that not everyone dares to take.

Instahelp client, 23/07/2018

It is nice to have the opportunity to write messages at any time and to know that you will get an answer soon. That was a very good feeling!

In 2 steps to psychological counselling at Instahelp

Let’s take the helm together!

Step 1
Step 2

Step 1

1. Choose your psychologist
Complimentary Welcome Assistant

The relationship between you and your psychologist forms a decisive basis for successful counselling. You will be accompanied by our Welcome Assistant in the selection of a suitable psychologist. It will guide you step by step to your psychologist and answer your questions about Instahelp.

Step 2

2. Individual counselling
Reply on average within 7 h

Your selected clinical psychologist will be at your side throughout the consultation. He or she will accompany you on your journey with a neutral, value-free and empathetic attitude and will work with you to develop concrete strategies to solve your problems or achieve your goals.

Counselling via chat

Anonymous and without appointment: The counselling is adapted to your schedule – even in the evening and at weekends.

Video or audio calls

Like a personal conversation, only more flexible: call your psychologist directly via the Instahelp App.

What can I expect on my personal journey at Instahelp?

1.  Is my online psychologist always available?

Depending on your payment model, your psychologist will be available up to 60 minutes per week. Text chat is the most flexible method – there is no appointment required.

2.  How long does the consultation at Instahelp last?

The actual duration depends on your concerns. Experiences have shown that with psychological online counselling on a regular basis, significant progress can be achieved within a few weeks.

3.  Are my conversations with the psychologist confidential and secure?

Yes, all psychologists are subject to the obligation of confidentiality. In addition, Instahelp uses technical encryption to protect conversations and messages from unauthorized access.

4.  Are the costs covered by health insurances?

Public health insurance companies do not yet offer a subsidy for psychological online counselling at Instahelp. However, some private insurers cover the costs.

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Our Welcome Assistant is available around the clock and explains everything you need to know about online counselling before you choose a psychologist.

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