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Status: [10 / 2017]

1. General

By registration with Instahelp you agree to these data protection regulations. For the use of our services, these data protection regulations complemented by our terms of use prevail in their latest respective versions.
1.1 1.1 Insta Communications GmbH, Münzgrabenstrasse 92/4, 8010 Graz (Austria) (Instahelp) offers interested users (Users) certain services (Services) on the online platform or mobile, if applicable, by means of a corresponding software application, made available at Amongst other things, these payable Services consist of (i) the establishment of contact between counselling users on the platform (“Counsellors”) and users looking for help on the platform “Customers”) as well as (ii) making appropriate communication routes available with regard to the digital use of supportive psychological counselling services. The arrangement and provision of psychotherapeutic treatment do not form part of the platform’s services.
After first contact (“initial contact”), which is to be established and administered by Instahelp, Customers seeking support are able to communicate via an individual and anonymous user interface in a partner network of Instahelp-led psychologists (Counsellors) in order to be able to benefit from (supplementary) digital online counselling.
1.2 These data protection regulations form the content of the agreement between Instahelp and Users with regard to use of the Services. Users accept the data protection regulations, upon registration on the platform and/or using the services.
1.3 Instahelp will process and use information and data the User gives, in the process of registration on the platform and/or using the Services, exclusively for the purpose of providing Services (contractual performance) and in accordance with national and European data protection regulations.
1.4 These data protection regulations apply equally to female and male Users, notwithstanding the use of the masculine form for the sake of ease of legibility.

2. Data obtained for use of the Services

You have to register and enter certain data in order to be able to use the Services on the Instahelp platform. You will also be able to enter more information about yourself, going beyond the data that are required and generated for using the Services.
2.1 Use of services by the user are only possible upon previous registration on the Instahelp platform and agreement with the terms of use as well as these data protection regulations as amended.
2.2 No data that could allow the person to be traced are required for use of the Services, unless it is technically essential. Collected data are not processed without the consent of the User, unless explicitly provided for; in particular they are not used commercially or passed on to third parties.
2.3 The following data are obtained from the User in the course of the registration process:
– arbitrary anonymised user name (fantasy name, pseudonym etc),
– email address (anonymised),
– password (anonymised),
– information of whether use of the services is private or for business,
2.4 Instahelp collects and automatically saves information in the server log files, which are transferred via the User’s browser. They are:
– browser type & version,
– operating system used,
– referrer URL (previously visited page),
– host name of the accessing computer (IP address),
– time of server request.
Instahelp cannot associate these data with specific people. The data are not merged with any other data sources.
2.5 Instahelp will categorically delete the data of the User upon termination of the contract with the corresponding User. This means when the User has deleted his user account and at the latest after expiry of statutory retention periods, particularly according to rules for tendering of accounts, according to commercial and tax laws.
2.6 In order to be able to use the Services, Instahelp has to communicate electronically with the user, sending him email and notifications. Therefore, Users must give a valid (potentially anonymised) email address.
2.7 Counsellors may publish articles and scientific papers on the platform. There is no claim to completeness and correctness. Both in the context of initial contact as well as the self-tests and surveys offered by Counsellors, information as to age, sex, health state and lifestyle of the users may be solicited. Provision of these data are is always voluntary, but the information gained is used for statistics only and will be anonymised and handled with strict confidentiality (see section 4). Instahelp reserves the right to evaluate anonymised data material provided by Users during use of Services/the platform, and to pass statistical results on to third parties.

3. Sharing user data

Passing on user data is foreseen only with your explicit consent as well as for urgent legal reasons. Consent is hereby given to the passing on of your User data for commercial purposes, primarily for provision of the platform and Services.
3.1 In principle, Instahelp will not share individual data of a User without his explicit consent. All Instahelp employees have signed a written declaration, according to which they do not have the right to pass User data to third parties.
3.2 Users give consent to sharing their data only in so far as required for the processing of business transactions. These data are limited to the required minimum. Should Instahelp be required by law or court order, data will only be shared with authorised public institutions and authorities (e.g. for the investigation of an offence, a potential delinquency or a severe misdemeanour).
3.3 Provided that payment has been agreed for use of the Services, bank data provided by the User will be processed for payment purposes only. Currently payment is processed via a payment provider, who shares data of the paying User with Instahelp only in anonymised form.

4. Dealing with confidential information, duty of confidentiality

We treat provided data with strict confidentiality, and protect your data from illegal access to the extent possible for us. Direct communication between Counsellors and Customers as well as making Sensitive User Content available (see section 5.1 of terms of use) is always through encryption.
4.1 Instahelp treats collected data confidentially and protects User data from illegal access, use or publication in the best possible way. Instahelp makes sure that personal information about a User, which can be stored on the server, is located in a safe and monitored environment in which illegal access and publication are prevented. By means of so-called “Instahelp Encryption” (see section 4.4 of terms of use) it is ensured that any kind of direct communication between Customers and Counsellors in the context of psychological counselling is encrypted. Therefore, Sensitive User Content (section 5.1 of terms of use) can only be collected and examined by Instahelp upon previous consent from the User (Customer or Counsellor).
4.2 Personal information that is published by Users in publicly accessible areas, such as discussion forums or in a chat, might potentially be abused by other users. These data could also be seen by third parties who have no relationship with Instahelp. Thus users should give careful consideration to the type of information they make available in these areas.
4.3 Counsellors are subject to a confidentiality obligation (see § 37 Psychologengesetz 2013 and § 15 Psychotherapiegesetz). Release from the confidentiality obligation is only anticipated for legal or statutory reasons.

5. Use of data for advertising

5.1 Personalised advertising: The User expresses his clear consent that Instahelp shall – use the data which were made available to Instahelp for target-group-oriented self-promotion and potentially for the self-promotion of Instahelp partner companies, whilst the User receives advertising and, optionally and through prior ordering, also a newsletter via email on their user account; – access the location tracking function of the User’s device if he has so permitted, and send the User self-promotion related to that location.
5.2 The user can withdraw fully or partially from this consent via email to at any time and without stating any reasons.

6. Use of cookies for improved use of services

We use cookies to make the use of our Services easier for you. You can choose to exclude the use of cookies in your browser, which can lead to reduced functionality of the Instahelp platform.
6.1 Services provided on the platform use cookies. Cookies are text files that a website transfers via the web browser to the storage medium of the User’s device, which stay there temporarily for the duration of the User’s visit or even longer, according to the type of cookie. Cookies have various different functions (e.g. they serve to differentiate between individual users of the same website or to remind of certain facts about the user, like certain preferences for instance) and are used by most websites for improved user experience.
6.2 Some of the cookies used on the platform are temporary cookies, which remain in the cookie file of the User’s web browser just for the duration of the visit and are then deleted.
6.3 The user has the option to set the browser to be informed about the placement of cookies and decide individually about accepting them or excluding cookie acceptance in certain cases or in general. Should cookies not be accepted, the functionality of the platform can be limited.

7. Google Analytics

Google analytics cookies are used for analysing the use of the platform by the User. In order best to protect your confidentiality interests and the right to confidential use of our services, we applied to Google Analytics for anonymisation (“IP masking”) of Users’ IP addresses.
7.1 The platform uses Google Analytics, a web analysing service of Google Inc. Google Analytics: These are text files that are stored on the User’s device and allow analysis of the use of the platform by the User. Information on the use of the platform, created by a cookie, is usually transferred to a Google server in the US and stored there. Since May 25th 2010, Google Analytics has made the function “anonymizeIp” available in the JavaScript library ga.js (and recently ga(‘set’, ‘anonymizeIp’, true) at the analytics.js library), in order to offer website owners such as Instahelp the possibility of anonymising all their Users’ IP addresses within the product (so-called “IP anonymisation” or “IP masking”). We state that on the website, Google Analytics was extended by the “anonymizeIp” code to guarantee anonymised recording of user IP addresses. Anonymisation or masking of the IP is carried out as soon as the IP addresses arrive at the Google Analytics data collection network and before any storage or processing of data takes place.
7.2 In the event that IP anonymisation (IP masking) is activated on the platform, the user’s IP address is shortened by Google within the member states of the European Union or in other contract states of the Agreement on the European Economic Area. User IP addresses of type IPv4 are abbreviated by the last octet and IPv6 addresses by the last 80 Bits in memory. Only in exceptional cases is the full IP address transferred to a Google server in the US and abbreviated there.
7.3 Google uses this information to evaluate the use of the platform by the User, to create reports on website activities and to deliver more services for Instahelp, which are connected with the use of the platform and the use of the Internet. The user’s IP address transferred from the browser in the context of Google Analytics is not combined with other Google data.
7.4 With his registration on the platform and use of services, the User declares acceptance of the processing of data about him collected by Google and the above-described type and kind of data processing for the purposes mentioned.
Users can prevent the storage of cookies by means of a corresponding setting in his browser software; in this case the User may not be able to make full use of all functions on the platform. Furthermore, Users can prevent the collection of data at Google (incl. IP address) by means of cookies or due to their use of the platform, as well as processing of these data by Goggle, by downloading and installing the browser plugin available from (

8. Plugins and widgets for social media

On the platform we integrate plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media. If you activate the Facebook Like button, data protection terms of Facebook apply. If you are logged in at the same time on Facebook and on the platform, Facebook will connect your use of the Services with your Facebook account.
8.1 The platform integrates plugins for social media such as a) Facebook, 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA; b) Instagram, LLC, 1601 Willow Rd. Menlo Park, CA 94025; c) Twitter, 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA; and d) Pinterest, 808 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA.
8.2 The IP address of the User and the page the user has accessed on the platform can be recorded via these plugins, and they might install a cookie to make the function work properly. Plugins and widgets of social media are either hosted by third parties or directly on the Instahelp websites. Interaction of the User with these functions is subject to the data protection terms of the company providing this function. Instahelp is not responsible for guidelines and practices regarding collection, use, publication, along with practices of data protection of other companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.
8.3 Users will be able to recognise e.g. Facebook plugins from the Facebook logo or the add-on “Facebook Social Plugin” or the “Like button” on the platform. You will find an overview of Facebook plugins at:
8.4 With the use of a plugin, for instance through activating the “Like button” or making a comment while the User is logged onto his Facebook account, the User will connect the content of the platform with his Facebook profile. In this way, Facebook will be able to connect the visit to the platform with the account of the corresponding User. Instahelp neither knows the content of the data transferred nor what kind of use Facebook makes of these data. For more information on this topic go to:
8.5 Should the User wish to prevent Facebook connecting his visits and activities on the platform with his Facebook account, the user must log out of his Facebook account.

9. Alterations to data protection regulations and Services

We can alter and amend our data protection regulations at any time, whilst the latest version at the time you are using the services always applies, of which we will inform you. By continuing after having been so informed, you agree to the latest version with corresponding alterations and/or amendments.
9.1 Instahelp is entitled to modify and/or amend these data protection regulations at any time with future effect, especially when the Services are extended or changes in the law require it. The latest version of data protection regulations is always available on the Instahelp website at
9.2 The User will be notified of alterations and/or amendments by means of a corresponding notification of change to the email address provided by the User for the purpose of correspondence and/or upon logging into the website. Agreement to the alterations and/or amendments is effective if the User does not express an objection in writing (by email) within 6 weeks of receipt of the notification of change. Instahelp will inform the User of the consequences of failure to object in the notification of change. In any event, the User implicitly agrees to the notified alterations and/or amendments by continuing to use the Services after receiving the notification of change.
9.3 If the User objects to the alterations and/or amendments according to section 109.2, continued use of the Services is not possible. The User than has the option of deleting his user account.
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