Anna Carnogursky MSc.

Anna Carnogursky - Clinical psychologist

• Clinical psychologist

• 3 years of experience in psychological counselling
Languages: English, German, Slovak
Age: 30

May I introduce myself?

Hello there! You've taken the first step and made it this far. I'm here to support you from now on because tackling things alone can get pretty exhausting. So whether it's hitting a rough patch or the urge for selfexploration, it doesn't matter. I'll guide your journey with professionalism, empathy and motivation. ☺️

Forms of counselling
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Specialised in
  • Anxieties

    We are stronger than our fear. Clients with obsessive-compulsive disorders have repeatedly demonstrated this to me. However, to overcome deeply rooted fears targeted support and intensive practice is essential.

  • Eating behaviour

    Through my professional experience in facilities specializing in eating disorders, I've had the chance to delve deeply into this subject. I'm familiar with the concerns and ambivalence inherent in the treatment process.

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Counselling methods

  • Client/person-centred approach
  • Behavioural therapy approach

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30 min. counselling
€ 49
30 min. counselling
€ 55
50 min. counselling Standard
€ 79

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