Annabell Diem M.Sc.

Annabell Diem - Counselling psychologist

• Counselling psychologist

• 4 years of experience in psychological counselling
Languages: English, German
Age: 28

May I introduce myself?

Welcome! I am happy to support you with my counselling in coping with difficult life situations. With an open and empathetic attitude, expert knowledge and my own life experience, I can help you find your path.

Forms of counselling
  • Video chat
  • Phone chat
  • Text chat
Specialised in
  • Depressive mood

    In my work in a psychosomatic clinic, I often worked with people with depression. I am happy to support you in rediscovering your path towards the joy of life.

  • Self-esteem & personality

    Personal crises are often part of the reality of our lives and can lead to changes in our self-esteem. Every crisis can be an opportunity for personal development and more self-confidence.

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Counselling topics

Counselling methods

  • Integrative approach
  • Behavioural therapy approach

Forms of counselling

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Counselling model and prices

Initial session
(one-off) € 49
30 min. counselling (one-off payment)
50 min. counselling
€ 69
30 min. counselling
€ 49

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Forms of counselling

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