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I was able to establish a trusting relationship with my psychologist.

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  • 22. January 2021

    No comment, an anonymous client with the topic "Trauma"

  • 03. January 2021

    No comment

  • 20. December 2020

    No comment, an anonymous client with the topic "Self-worth"

  • 21. July 2020

    Having multilingual psychologists as well as the possibility to choose between chat, phone and video call. Very flexible and adaptable for each person.

  • 06. July 2020

    Karin has been amazing, and helped me heaps. Instahelp, well, it works, and is a good platform.

  • 19. July 2020

    She helped me to think through my problem to figure out what's causing it.

  • 18. June 2020

    I really like that I can message whenever I have something on my mind and Karin will just reply when she’s available. She’s helped me through so much. Especially during this lockdown. She’s really helped me understand my emotions and be able to be happy with myself. I understand know that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. I always thought I have to be happy all the time. But it’s okay to have down days There is nothing I didn’t like. Karin is incredible and so helpful. I’m so grateful for everything

  • 27. April 2020

    It is easily accessible and the therapist I am working with is very experienced. I feel like I can trust her and know that I am understood. I am sure I will be able to work out my issues by continuing the sessions with her. I like that I can schedule my sessions flexibly and from the comfort of my own room. Somehow the instahelp app isn't compatible with my android device which is a bit annoying that every time I have to read a message, I have to open my web browser. Besides I only get to know that I have a message when I check my emails - defeats the purpose of easy availability. But that's just a technical issue, not related to the counseling.

  • 11. April 2020

    Karin really helped me get some clarity on the issues at hand in a relatively short time frame. I think her articles are quite helpful as well. In addition, I like the flexibility Instahelp and Karin offer in terms of format the time. So far I have no complains against Karin - thank you for your help. However, I really do not like the orange background with white font in the conversation window - it is very hard for me to read the texts I wrote.

  • 21. June 2020

    No comment

  • 08. June 2020

    No comment, an anonymous client with the topic "Family"

  • 31. May 2020

    No comment, an anonymous client with the topic "Stress"

  • 02. April 2020

    No comment, an anonymous client with the topic "Depression"

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  1. Ich habe den Eindruck, dass mir die Online-Beratung bei meinem Anliegen weiterhelfen kann.
  2. Ich fühle mich bei dem mir zugewiesenen Instahelp Psychologen gut aufgehoben/wohl.
  3. Insgesamt bin ich mit der Beratungstätigkeit des Instahelp Psychologen zufrieden.
  4. Ich habe das Gefühl für meinen mir zugewiesenen Instahelp Psychologen das nötige Vertrauen aufbringen zu können.
  5. Ich empfinde die Informationen und Erklärungen über den Ablauf der Beratung verständlich.
  6. Ich spüre, dass mein Psychologe mich wertschätzt.

Fully booked All places taken

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