Focus on Mental Health as a Gamechanger
Let’s talk with Toto Wolff  | 
Mercedes Team Principal, F1

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Exklusive Keynote: Make yourself and your business mentally strong with Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff – one of the most successful team bosses in the history of F1 – is convinced: Focus on Mental Health is the gamechanger for successful employees and companies.

In his keynote we will learn:
… how he increases motivation and team performance through mental strength,
… what his coping strategies are when faced with red flags and harassment in life,
… why pit stops are important in stressful everyday life to stay in balance.

Toto Wolff
You can’t function without
being mentally balanced.
— Toto Wolff,
Mercedes Team Principal, F1

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Date 19.10.2021
Time 16:15

Duration ca. 30 min

Together with smart minds from top companies, Toto Wolff breaks through limiting thought patterns and discusses how mental health does not remain a buzzword in the company but becomes a gamechanger.

A massive load of empowerment, passion, and insights awaits us, because #mentalhealthmatters – now more than ever!
Watch recording (password)

Invest in your own health and the health of your employees

And thus in the overall performance of your company!

Every single employee in your company contributes significantly to the overall success. The mental fitness of your workforce is directly reflected in your company’s key performance indicators.

In our current video series, you will receive information on the topic of stress and burnout. Learn what you can do yourself to strengthen your company!

campaign 1. Video

How does stress arise?

In this section, you will learn how and why stress occurs in the body.

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campaign 2. Video

When does burnout happen?

Burnout can affect anyone – the earlier it is treated, the better the treatment options.

» more

campaign 3. Video

Treatment of stress and burnout

The earlier you recognize individual stressors, the better and more targeted your response.

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campaign 4. Video

Warning signs to watch out for in yourself and your employees

Stress and burnout do not arise overnight. Learn about warning signs so you can respond in time.

» more

campaign 5. Video

What does this mean for your business?

Learn why your company’s success is directly related to the mental strength of your employees.

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campaign 6. Video

What does “healthy leadership” mean?

As a manager, you can play a big part in strengthening the health of your company. Learn about important points to keep in mind here.

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Stress affects us all: get to know yourself!

Take our self-tests and identify your stress levels

Self-test – Symptoms of Stress

Do you have trouble falling asleep, feel tense, and react frantically in certain situations? Find out how stressed you are.

Self-test – Work Pressure

Do you feel overwhelmed or does the thought of work trigger a queasy feeling inside you? Find out how much your professional life is getting to you.

Self-test – Exhaustion

Do you feel burned out or powerless and find everything that comes your way exhausting at first? Find out how you are currently at strength.

Self-test – Depression

Do you have self-doubt and would you prefer to stay at home or in bed all day? Find out if you are prone to depression with the depression test.

Stress Management

Become active and learn how to actively deal with stress yourself.

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The Secret to success – by Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal – F1


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For employees

Free consultation for employees! Become mentally strong – for your company, but also for you personally!

Most of the time we stand with both feet firmly in life. But none of us is protected from getting caught in a storm now and then, which causes our stability to waver. At the latest then, we wish for a safe haven – a protected place to recharge our batteries so that we can face life’s challenges. Try psychological counseling online – a space for emotions… for time and individuality… a space for you!

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For companies

Instahelp offers innovative HR measures for mentally healthy employees!

More than 80 companies and more than 220,000 employees trust in the psychological support of our Instahelp psychologists.

If your employees are doing well, your company will do well too! In the following video we have summarised tips for healthy leadership:

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