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Compulsions - Nicole Inez Fuchs

Obsessive-compulsive Disorder – Causes and Symptoms

Michael’s life is controlled by his obsessive-compulsive disorder – day by day. He must repeat each action again and again and must think each thought repeatedly. Therefore he, for example, is controlling day by day, if he had locked the door. However, this action is not voluntary, his compulsory control is controlling of his life.

Sleep Disorders – Causes and What to Do About It

You have already counted thousands of sheep, drank the third cup of sleep the and you have read the hundredth side of the book. Anyways, you still do not find rest. The bad news: If you do not get enough energy through sleep, caused by problems of falling and remaining asleep, you feel tired all
Bipolare Stoerung

Bipolar Disorder – Life Between Depression and Mania

Extremely happy in one moment and deeply depressed in the next – People, suffering from a bipolar disorder has extreme changes in their mood. They find themselves either in a feeling of elation, the mania or in depression. That is where the name bipolar comes from. The emotional state changes rapidly in mood, motivation, and

Death and grieving

Miscarriage – What Is About the Emotional Pain?

The anticipation about the childbirth, plans about life with the baby, dreams about having a family. All of this goes along with being pregnant, but there are also scenarios, in which the unborn baby does not survive. It comes to a miscarriage: The child dies before it is survivable. Medics call it miscarriage until a
Prokrastination - Was tun gegen krankhaftes Aufschieben?

What is Procrastination and How to Overcome It

On your desk is a stack of documents, which need to be organised by you? The bills for your tax declaration are still lost in your flat? Welcome to the reality of many people. If we do not feel happy doing some things, we tend to procrastinate. Some people even procrastinate when it comes to


Burnout – Signs and Reasons of the syndrom

Burned out, weak and powerless, alive, but used up inside: This is how people suffering from burnout feel. Exhaustion, overload, and psychic stress are the words, which are now the centre of attention in the life of burnout patients. The increase of the pressure to perform in our society goes hand in hand with more

Depression – Symptoms and Causes of the Mental Illness

People, suffering from depression describe it as a black hole and a vicious circle of negativity. Society describes it as an excuse and laziness. Hardly any other psychological disease is more stressful and at the same timeless accepted than depression. About 350 million people worldwide suffer from it. Many people do not talk about it,

Generalisierte Angststörung
Anxiety and phobias

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – Symptoms and Causes

You’ve probably heard of a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) yet and maybe you asked yourself, what this means. It is normal for a human being to be afraid: Afraid of concrete situations, for example talking in front of a group, at a job interview, or on a date. Each person has different fears and under
cognitive behavioral therapy
Mental Health

Cognitive behavioral therapy: Procedure and effects

You might have informed yourself about the topic psychotherapy already. If yes, then you probably have recognized, that there are plenty of methods. Each of them has a specific way of treatment and concentrates on a different main focus. In this article, you will learn more about cognitive behavioural therapy. It is one of the


Ten ways towards a deeper relationship

Many relationships are unsatisfying because they remain too superficial. Following these 10 methods you can bring your partnership to the next level – and strengthen the bond between you.
Job and carreer

Five simple rules for improving communication in the team

Erfolgreicher Teamarbeit liegt meist eine Sache zugrunde: erfolgreiche Kommunikation im Team! Gut kommunizierende Teams entstehen meist nicht von allein und sie brauchen etwas “Pflege”. Aber die gute Nachricht ist: mit den richtigen Kommunikationsregeln kann jeder die Kommunikation im Team verbessern.

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